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Save Money With Multifunctional Furniture

What are you doing? Money’s tight you can’t afford to have articles of furniture that serve but one sole purpose alone anymore, especially in a world where a plethora of multifunctional pieces are abundantly available. Here are just some of the best!



This one not only uses all that spare space underneath your sitting-down self to store all your favourite periodicals and novels, but reconnects you with the dying pastime of reading! I must say the designer doesn’t look to have placed very much value in comfortability though.



Finally somebody came up with a solution to the problem! Ironing boards are used so infrequently; and even used daily they are in use for so little an amount of time. Now there’s no need to procure both a table AND an ironing board… Reversible Ironing-Board Table.


When you see the amount of space a fold-away bed first takes up, and then makes free, you will question why you ever allowed your bed to sit idly by for most of the day.


Aside from putting to use all that space ordinarily beneath you when perched on a seat, there’s something gratifying about sitting on top of a bunch of your possessions.


My inner-child does utter backflips at the sight of this one. They aren’t guaranteed to sell these down at the furniture store but can you imagine being a kid again and inviting your friends round, them entering your room and not knowing where your bed was for the entire playdate, before their mouths dropping open as night sets in and the couch you’d all been sitting on transforming into the bunkbeds you use every night?!


The family finish eating and then pull the correct boards and levers, 1 minute later you’ve got a handsome desk ready for working. Secret panels revealing spaces for your computer and drawers for your files, all tucked away completely inconspicuous underneath plates and cups every dinner time. It’s genius!


This one really saves money but takes a little getting used to. The sink flows straight into the cistern (behind the toilet), and the waste water from you washing your face or brushing your teeth is used to flush the lavatory when you’ve finished!


Can’t be bothered getting up to get your can? Marathoning your favourite show and gotten too comfy to get up for ice-cream before the next episode? Simply prize open the leather enwrapped door and reach into the sofa. And you’ll save money on the full size fridge in the kitchen!


Right if you’re not even going to have a fold-away bed, at least put to use the room underneath your sleeping area. If you’d rather buy both a bed and a set of drawers individually you are fully within your rights, but don’t pretend you wouldn’t be saving money reimagining the two as one!



Perhaps not strictly a necessity to own apparatus to provide massages, but unarguably a great piece of multifunctional furniture. Hard day at work, recline into the armchair as anyone would, said armchair takes you in its leathery embrace and gently kneads the stress out of your exhausted limbs. How many of you aren’t throwing money at screen right now?


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