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Carrying around a water bottle is a way to stay refreshed all day long. Water bottle labels ought to be used as a way to generate brand impressions at your next event. Adding your logo or tagline to plastic bottles is a super-affordable way to step up your game, so let’s dig into all the details:

Common Uses:

Water bottle labels can be used in parties, weddings, or for promoting your business at events like exhibitions and trade shows. Bottled water is not only refreshing but it also creates a sense of relaxation knowing there’s plenty to eat and drink at your event. Generating a fantastic customized water bottle label has been made easy, and there are numerous designs you can use depending on your business logo or personal event messaging like customized wedding or birthday messages. 

Aside from disposable plastic bottles handed out at events, many people like to be more sustainable everyday by carrying a stainless steel or reusable plastic bottle around. It’s an opportunity to show off your personality, so why not add a few stickers to the bottle you take to work or school each day? 

If your goal is branding beyond the day of your event, you can take advantage of this by giving your conference attendees a head-start on their sticker collection. Custom water bottle labels can be added to the bottles you give out in your swag bags, allowing you to infiltrate the workplace with your message after the event.

Most disposable water bottle manufacturers template sizable water bottle labels for their own branding and to share important information to the consumer. To get an idea for where your labels can go, peel off one of theirs and measure to figure out dimensions. Your custom labels should wrap easily around water bottles in a similar manner.

If you’re printing these for reusable bottles, be sure to pick a quality product that’s water-resistant. In case they go into the dishwasher or perhaps the microwave, you do not have to worry because premium vinyl stickers are not damaged by water. Whether you are attending an exhibition or conducting a marathon, custom water bottle labels can serve as a platform to create awareness to customers about an event. With a clear message and an appealing design, custom water bottle labels can help you reach out to many people who might eventually turn out to be loyal customers.

How to create personalized water bottle labels

The details that go into generating and designing your water bottle labels are exceptional and the task can be tedious sometimes, but with advancements in technology, things have become more manageable and you can easily customize bottles of water. You can add all sorts of fun details like pleasing messages and memorable photos. Below are five simple steps to design water bottle labels:

1 – Note down the measurements for both the height and diameter of your custom water bottle.

Select an appropriate size for the water bottle label depending on the occasion, whether you are promoting an event like a birthday party and wedding, or perhaps you wish to promote a product your conference attendees would be interested in.
2 – Choose the right material for use on the water bottle label. It should be a vinyl material that’s resistant to water. For instance, rectangular shaped stickers that are made from a premium vinyl and will not have issues from condensation on the exterior of the bottle.

A manufacturer’s label on a water bottle.

3 – The next step is to focus on working with a blank label template by leveraging label design software like Canva or Adobe Illustrator to personalize your water bottle label with amazing pictures and eye-catching texts.

4 – If you wish, you can seek help from watching youtube videos or download a pdf on how to make your water bottle or stainless water cans perfect for an event. 

5 – Select your size and quantity, then upload your custom design to an online printing service. Many of them have a convenient online ordering system, so you can have your labels delivered to your door within days. After that, just attach them to your bottles and you’re good to go. Hopefully, you have a few volunteers to help out!

Label materials that can be used in custom water bottle labels

When it comes to maintaining their quality, water bottle labels face several challenges starting from friction, condensation, and adhesion. These factors should be a priority when it comes to choosing label materials. There is a wide array of label materials that you can use, and here are a few that you can consider if you need to create a customized water bottle for an event or birthday party.

Polyester bottle labels

Polyester is renowned for being a long-lasting and robust material. These white labels are designed in such a way that they repel everything, including water and chemicals. They will keep your text designs intact and free from any harm, even when they come in contact with water. Polyester labels are also compatible with several materials like plastic, metal, and glass, and they resist tearing.

White glossy bottle labels

It is mostly printed on semi-gloss paper or dull white film; nonetheless, the semi-gloss paper is used frequently since it is less costly, and its print quality is lovely on a water bottle. These label materials usually require a laminate to keep the ink from running and to uphold the quality of the material in case of friction. These white gloss labels are ideal for product promotion since the white sheets catch the light above and grab the customer’s attention, especially when customized on the water bottle.

Shiny foil bottle labels

Shiny stickers are handy when it comes to catching the attention of your prospects too. Laminate can be added to enhance the water resistant features on the water bottle.

Vinyl water bottle labels

Vinyl is usually what we recommend as an adhesive on the water bottle and it comes in a wide range of colors. Some vinyl stickers are heat activated to enhance functionality.

Custom water bottle sizes

Water bottles come in a variety of sizes, depending on how you want to use them. Before applying a label on your water bottle, it’s important to know the exact dimensions you need. The most popular formats in the US include 8 oz, 12 oz, 16.9 oz, 20 oz, 24 oz, and 33.8 oz.

Printing techniques for water bottle labels

There are various printing techniques used to customize and create the bottle labels and some of them include using Photoshop or a similar software suite like GIMP for customizing the water bottle. If you’re interested in learning the nuts and bolts of printing, this next section’s just for you:

Laser printing for bottle labels

This is one technique that uses Photoshop to deliver quality results when creating a label for water containers. A laser beam is focused through a lens onto a photosensitive drum. The final result is a charged toner which is fused on the paper. These printers are ordinarily fast, and they produce quality printouts per sheet like decals used in brand recognition and templates used in events marketing.

Offset lithography for bottle labels

This technique works by transferring images to metals, paper, or plastic printing plates. The inked images are moved to rubber cylinders and then onto the label. Typically, the technique involves transferring images to a surface that makes contact with the tag and it is usually done per sheet.

Can clear labels be used for water bottle labels?

There are cases where using clear stickers on water bottles makes sense, but their colors and designs are key factors to consider. It is important to use dark colors that will stand out and grab people’s attention after seeing the water bottle. If you don’t have enough printed surface with the right colors to offset the rest of the bottle and catch someone’s eye, it may be best to cover more of the surface area for better visibility with a different choice like rectangle roll labels.

Benefits of using waterproof water bottle labels

The tags used are made with durable adhesive materials

Waterproof bottle labels are highly water resistant and strong against tearing and pulling.

Waterproof bottle labels hold up in a wide range of temperatures for your outdoor event.

The text designs and images on bottle labels remain readable, in spite of condensation.

What makes bottle labels fun and effective

For most people, how you customize the design is what will matter most. With customizing the bottle labels, you can generate bottle labels that will create a positive message used in promoting instant brand recognition.

Since bottled water is so common at large events and gatherings, bottle labels play a vital role for people who are promoting their products and event organizers who are looking to print personalized bottle labels. You can create personalized water bottle labels at home or seek help from an online publisher or an illustrator who can help you in creating images and templates. Once you have your design set, it may make sense to have someone else handle the printing, so you don’t have to waste too much ink on a small and inefficient home printer. If you’re printing up hundreds of labels, the cost savings you get by working with a wholesale decal printer can be very beneficial.