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Jobs in the Finance Industry

The financial sector has always been a popular field of employment amongst the well-educated, ambitious, and hard-working. Many of the most sought-after roles offer wages that are well above the national average, with the chance of receiving lucrative bonuses for the long hours and effort invested in the job. For those who are good with numbers and prepared to dedicate a lot of time, few industries are better suited to delivering the life you desire.

If you’re considering going into the finance industry yourself, here are just a few job roles that you might like to consider:


The role of a banker has many different facets. Aside from being money-minded, most bankers are dynamic leaders, brilliant orators, and adept politicians. The higher you rise as a banker, the more that will be required of you. Banking is famous for its lucrative bonuses, but those who earn them work incredibly hard for this boon. The sector is also renowned for its generous salaries, but although always attractive, these vary largely depending on the specific role: senior bank managers, for example, earn around £70,000 a year, whilst investment bankers can earn in the region of multi-millions.


Stockbroking is another profitable profession, with many of the best brokers earning six-digit salaries. The role of a stockbroker varies according to their specific field and the services they offer. Some act as little more than conduits between traders and the markets, whilst others, such as those employed by Killik&Co, require much more in-depth knowledge in order to advise their clients and guide the decisions they make.


Accounting is a complex yet incredibly well-respected job, a million light years away from its traditional depiction as a boring profession. It offers a varied work schedule, great prospects, and continuous on-the-job training that make your options almost limitless. Junior accountants can expect average salaries in excess of around £20,000. For more senior accountants, the earning potential is almost infinite and will depend on your clientele, experience, and skill. Accounting roles range from auditing to bookkeeping, payroll positions, and tax specialists.

Ledger Clerking

Ledger clerks are tasked with keeping track of money. Mathematical skills and an ability to balance the books are essential, and they could earn you a handsome salary. Juniors can expect to start with wages in excess of £25,000, rising in line with your skill, experience, and the level of responsibility you’re entrusted with.

If you’re considering a job in the financial sector, would one of these roles suit you?