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How Promotional Events can help your business

Every business has to have a marketing strategy, otherwise, they would never be found by their clients. Whether it is via the internet, on the radio, on the television, or through local newspapers and magazines, part of what makes a business successful is its ‘visibility’ to its target audience. Interior design and shop window specialists at have great experience in this field and claim that starting from a simple plan than building in features is the way to do it. If a target audience never sees anything from that business, they won’t buy its products or use its services, simply because they don’t know about that particular business. It really is that simple.

So apart from the usual media channels, how can you promote your brand and your company? This is where promotional and charity events come in, as they provide a perfect platform upon which you can promote and advertise your business. Promotional events are not always about selling a product, in many cases, they are just there to raise awareness of a brand or a new product.

They can be advertising campaigns, such as the Heinz Salad UK campaign at the start of this year, which saw free salad cream samples handed out to passers-by in cities across the UK. They can also be competitions, such as the competitions hosted by Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor when they go on a commercial break. The main point is to get your brand out there and in the public eye.

So what other benefits do promotional events have for your business?

Advertising to a different target audience

When you create a promotional event, you are going to be advertising to your target audience, but you might also gain followers from individuals who are not members of your target audience. They might not have otherwise discovered you, because they don’t use your regular advertisement channels, however, they might be looking for the exact service or product you provide.

Voila! You just gained a customer, just by reaching out through a different medium. You can gain a lot of unexpected clients and customers this way. It is all about being flexible as a company.

Providing an Incentive to Support your Business

People like it when companies give back to their customers. Everybody loves getting ‘thank you’ gifts and by providing free samples or a discount voucher at your promotional event, you are giving something back to all your loyal clients and also encouraging new clients with enticing offers. These ‘gifts’ don’t even have to be substantial; sometimes, something as small as a thank you card or a free bar of chocolate is enough to keep spirits high.

Making your company relatable

When your company appears in promotional events, the message your company is sending is this “Hello, I am here with you, I am relevant!” which helps improve company relations with its target audience. Plus, by hiring ‘representatives’ of your company to speak to the general public, you can get helpful ideas on what they like about the service or product you provide, as well as perhaps suggestions as to how it can be improved. It is like a more genuine reviewing system that you can collect data from immediately and that is extremely useful.

Opportunities for News/Film/Blogging Coverage

Any event is an opportunity to get your brand name out there in the news. Depending on the event and the location of the event, the chances are that someone will blog or vlog about it, particularly if you are offering passers-by some kind of experience. By putting your name out there, you are setting off little ripples that eventually become bigger and touch more people, even from something as small as managing a charity music event or sponsoring an art performance. It is getting your company names out there, one way or another.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide whether or not a promotional event of some kind will help your business. At any rate, it certainly can’t harm your business, if you carefully select the colleagues who organize and attend the promotional event. Many large-scale companies use promotional events to promote their business and access an audience that they might not reach in their normal advertising. If you want to broaden your target audience, promotional events could be a great way to do it. If not, perhaps more traditional forms are marketing are better for your business.