Life is expensive these days, isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be quite as costly as you might think, though. Our idea in starting up this site was to help people get their buying brain on by sharing our tips on buying smartly.

We are Jane and Amanda, a couple of friends who have been saving money on all sorts of things for a few years now. What started out as a way of living a little better has turned into an obsession which we want to tell the world about.

We both got fed up paying through the nose for things and then scraping by at the end of the month. We felt that there must be a better way of living and spending the money we earned. It turned out that there was. By putting our heads together and doing some research we began to realise that there are many more ways of saving money than most people think. From food shopping to home decorating and from banking to car insurance, we have been gathering ideas for spending less money each month.

This site is where we have started to write down all of our money saving ideas for everyone else to share.  We will carry on adding new ideas and writing about our experiences when it comes to spending as little as possible. There is no limit to the ways in which money be saved on all sorts of things, so we are sure to add many articles as the site grows over time.

There is nothing complicated or difficult here. It is all about good, sensible advice which anyone can use to cut down on their outgoings and have more money left over to enjoy the good things in life. If you are struggling to make ends meet or want to spend more on the things you enjoy then it is time to join us and get your buying brain on.