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How You Could Save Money On Your Business Electricity Bills With A Half Hourly Meter

If you are a business owner one of your primary concerns will be to save as much money as you can, lower your outgoing costs, and increase your income.  Half-hour meters are one way that you can do this.  In the following article, we will discuss what half-hourly meters are and how they can help you save money.

What Are Half-Hourly Meters?

Half-hourly meters are a form of electricity meter.  They work in almost the same way as a smart meter, analyzing the electricity consumption used in half-hourly periods and then sending the results automatically via a landline phone connection  As the results they produce are very accurate they produce very accurate electricity bills, compared to if you had to take the results manually.  They are also helpful if you are interested in your business becoming more energy efficient because the results will show the times of the day when you are using the most amount of electricity.

What Kinds Of Businesses Normally Use Half Hourly Meters?

There are roughly 100,000 half-hourly meters used by businesses in the UK.  Normally these businesses are the kinds that have higher than average levels of electricity consumption.  If as a business owner you need to use anything around the 100kw of electricity and over the mark, you need to use a half-hourly meter.  This is most commonly known as a mandatory half-hourly meter.  If your business on the other hand only uses a total of 70kw of electricity, it is entirely up to you whether you use a half-hourly meter or not.

How Do I Know If My Company Already Uses A Half Hourly Meter?

It could be that you are not sure if your business uses a half-hourly meter already.  There is a very easy way to check, however.  If you look at a recent energy bill you will see an S number.  If this S number has a 00 in a box at the top left of the bill, then you know for sure that you have a half-hourly meter.  It could mean that your business already has a half-hourly meter if there is a 05, 06, 07, or 08 but it is important that you double-check with your energy supplier to make sure that you do.

Is The Pricing Different When Using Half Hourly Meters?

The pricing is very different when you are using a half-hourly meter because the standard pricing is based on projected and estimated electricity consumption.  Your energy supplier will receive very up-to-date and accurate data about your business electricity consumption, so the pricing will always be based on this rather than estimates.

Can You Switch Half Hourly Energy Tariffs?

Unless you have an energy broker working on your business’s behalf, it can be quite problematic trying to negotiate a half-hourly electricity contract.  The reasons for this are that the market prices are constantly changing, the variable electricity supplier hedging strategies, and their requirement for detailed and up-to-date information.

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