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The Benefits of Outsourced Cleaning

Regardless of industry sector and market, all businesses – big and small – need to stay competitive and viable. To achieve this, business owners, managers, and staff need to constantly look for ways to improve operations, reduce overheads and boost productivity.

One area that is commonly overlooked is cleaning. A clean workplace is vital to any business as it:

  • Projects a professional image to existing and prospective customers;
  • Provides a more pleasant workplace, leading to increased staff morale and productivity;
  • Is healthier, thereby reducing the potential for sickness, absenteeism, and even health insurance claims;
  • Can increase the lifespan of capital assets; and
  • It may be a legal requirement, depending on your type of business or organization.

So with all these factors in mind, read on to find out about the various advantages of outsourcing cleaning to a commercial operator.

Superior Service

Unless you’re prepared to outlay significant amounts of money in cleaning equipment and products, it’s highly unlikely that in-house cleaners can achieve the same quality of service as commercial operators. Choose an accredited and experienced operator. They will have the machinery, products, techniques, and trained staff to deliver better results than you would achieve if you did this internally. As most commercial cleaning contracts undergo a tender process, companies must strive for excellence to ensure their contract continues.

Quality Standards

Cleaning isn’t just about creating a tidy and presentable workplace. Air conditioning, manufacturing processes, and having a number of people in confined areas all present significant challenges for any business. Airborne contaminators, dust, and dirt all have the potential to create health problems. These can range from allergies to more serious conditions. Commercial operators have industrial, purpose-built equipment that can trap even the smallest particles. This improves air quality, which can increase the overall health and well-being of staff and reduce sick days, thereby boosting productivity. Additionally, commercial cleaning companies undertake regular training to keep up with ever-changing industry standards and practices. They are also trained in techniques that go above and beyond simple cosmetic cleaning.

Cost Effectiveness

If cleaning is done well, it may not need to be done as frequently. This is an immediate saving for any business. Moreover, you don’t have the capital expense of procuring and maintaining expensive equipment or having to constantly restock cleaning products.


If you’re running an internal cleaning service, this is just another HR burden to your business. More importantly, if cleaning staff call in sick at the last minute, you may not be able to organize someone else in time and scheduled cleaning may not occur. With commercial operators, you have complete peace of mind that a cleaner or cleaning team will always turn up as scheduled.

Business Priorities

Last, but by no means least, outsourcing cleaning allows any business to focus on its priorities. Running an internal cleaning service is costly both in terms of start-up and ongoing expenses and it’s incredibly time-consuming. By appointing commercial contractors, you’ll free up critical resources that can be far better used to focus on your business operations and priorities.

The business benefits of outsourcing cleaning to commercial operators are significant and varied. As with any contract though, make sure you choose an experienced and qualified provider. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make to your workplace, staff, and, potentially, your bottom line.