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Great Reasons To Set Up Home In Wiltshire

Looking for a new home, whether as a singleton, with an established family, or to set up roots; is always an exciting and stressful process.  Besides working out what you can and can’t afford when it comes to the size and type of property, you also have to pay close attention to the area where you look to buy property.  In the following article, we are going to look specifically at living in Wiltshire, and why it is a good idea to consider purchasing property for sale in Wiltshire.

Wiltshire Offers A Great Quality Of Life

As almost all of Wiltshire has been designated with the status of being an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” it attracts employers, employees, residents, and visitors who want to sample the quality of life in the area.  Within the area, there are 2 World Heritage Sites, Avebury, the world-famous Stonehenge, and old-fashioned English hamlets like Castle Combe and Lacock.  Along with all of this, there are many restaurants, pubs, tea rooms, stately gardens, and homes throughout the county’s small and idyllic market towns.  Some of the country’s most popular attractions that have not already been mentioned include the Longleat Safari and Adventure Park.

Great For Cyclists And Walkers

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, most of Wiltshire has been classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  This is great news for cyclists, dog walkers, and runners looking to move here as it means there are around 8,200 different paths designed for those activities.

Cultural Heritage

As well as the county’s picturesque quality, Wiltshire also has a proud cultural heritage and features over 20 different museums and plays host to many different events, festivals, and shows in its many music centers and theatres.

Great Education For Children

The nurseries and primary and secondary schools in Wiltshire all perform at a high standard, with both Wiltshire and Marlborough Colleges offering a great choice of courses including health, media production, art and design, management, sciences, and administration.

The secondary schools of Wiltshire have specialist status, as they offer courses and work concerning computing, mathematics, languages, sports, science, enterprise, and business.  When compared to the performance of other schools in the South West of England, English core cities, and even London; Wiltshire is above average when it comes to GCSE results.

Within Wiltshire College, there are higher education courses that are delivered in partnership with local universities.  These courses include subjects like social sciences, health, animal management, fashion, media, creative arts, computing, business, art and design, and motorsport engineering.

Great Selection Of Housing

It seems fitting in an article designed to show you the great reasons to choose to set up a home in the area of Wiltshire, that we should finish by discussing briefly the type of housing available.  Throughout the delightful and tranquil countryside of the county, most types of houses and homes are available from detached houses and terraces to quaint country cottages and modern apartments.