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How to play casino without spending too much

When you’re trying to cut on spending, you’d think that one form of entertainment you should leave well alone would be online casino gaming. And, of course, you could end up spending a lot of cash on games online if you’re not sensible in the way you go about it.

However, there are some ways that you can make a small amount of money invested in an online casino account stretch so that you get as much bang for your gambling buck as you can.

The first way is to shop around and decide where you’re going to play. Nearly all the casinos that are in operation online will offer new players who sign up a tempting bonus to get them to register. But not all those bonuses are as generous as they might seem. For instance, some casinos will only allow players to use the bonus credit on certain games and if you’re not interested in playing those particular games, it may be free money wasted. On the other hand, some casinos like 32red allow you to use the bonus credit on any of the games on the site and are also more generous in the bonus amount that they offer. At 32red, for every £10 you put down on your initial deposit, the site gives an extra £32 in gaming credit, so without even playing a game, you more than treble your money.

However, it is feasible to enjoy playing slots at 32red without spending a single penny. Many of the games on the site are available to play in practice-play mode. This is where you get to play the games as if you’re betting with real cash, but instead, you’re using a virtual pile of coins, so there’s no financial risk whatsoever. The downside is that you can have an amazing virtual win, but you’ll have nothing to show for it, except the fun and entertainment of having played.

That being said, if you want to play for enjoyment more than anything else, then playing in demo mode is the perfect solution. There’s no money wasted on lost bets, and you get to try out different games that you might never have played before. If you practice enough playing blackjack or roulette and think that you have developed a good playing strategy, you may decide that you want to play with real money now and then. As long as you keep the bets to a minimum amount, you can make a playing fund stretch quite a long way, especially if you have a couple of wins.

The difficulty comes when you run out of your initial gaming stake (and bonus). At that point, you have to make a decision about whether to top up your account (and potentially lose that money too) or to stick to gaming for free in demo mode. It may not be quite as exciting as playing with real cash, but it’s certainly a lot less stressful as you won’t lose anything this way.

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