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Do Ford Still Make the Best Vans?

When Ford first introduced its Ford Transit line in 1965, initial reactions were mixed. Some critics noted that its large size would be too wide for the narrow driveways most of the country’s tradesmen would have to deal with.

Impressions have certainly changed since then, though, and the “white van man” has become synonymous with the country’s motorways. But after all these years, is Ford still creating the best bang for your buck when it comes to vans?

Continuing Popularity

Ford has always prided itself in catering to as large of a demographic as possible. The company’s first-ever vehicle, the Ford Model T, is typically regarded as the very first affordable, mass-produced vehicle and the car of the people for its day. Even today, one in every four vans on the road is a Ford Transit. This famous brand is now in its fifth generation and continues to receive positive praise from both critics and consumers alike.

Available Options

The latest range is available with three different power outputs: 99bhp, 123bhp, or 153bhp, depending on the van’s driven wheels. The whole range uses a 2.2-liter diesel engine that Ford calls the Duratorq TDCi. There’s also the Ford Transit Custom, a mid-size, front-wheel drive vehicle that’s available to lease from £195.99 p/m from Lease Van. The Custom originally started life as an alternate body type but, due to its increasing popularity amongst customers, it’s since become its own distinct model. In 2014, in its first full year of sales, the Custom model became UK’s best-selling vehicle in its class.

Value for Money

Model-for-model, Ford claims that the latest generation of Transit vehicles offer 10% more load volume than their predecessors. Its gross vehicle mass varies from 2.9 to 4.7 tonnes across the range and the highest cargo capacity available is 2.3 tonnes. The largest of all is known as the Jumbo variant, with features an extra rear overhang for a total load volume of 15.1 cubic meters. The company isn’t forgetting other key areas like fuel economy either. The Ford Transit 310 equipped with the L2H2 2.2 TDCi 125PS ranked fourth on a recent guide on the most economical vans available.

Occasionally, certain brands can get complacent and forget what made their original products great. However, with competition from other manufacturers, Ford has always had to ensure its quality remains high or risk losing its market share. Fortunately, they’ve remained faithful to their original intent and never forgotten what a good van needs to be.