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How are Supercars Funded?

Supercars have now become so expensive that to the regular person, the price tag has lost all meaning. All we know is that they can cost several times as much as a house, and are affordable only to the super-rich. But is this really true? In actual fact, that person driving down the road in the latest Lamborghini or a mid-90s Aston might not actually be quite as rich as you think. They just know how to spend their money wisely.

Depreciation is Your Friend

The first thing that might just surprise you is how significantly supercars can depreciate, and how potentially affordable they can become. Yes, you still have to be well-off to afford one, but you don’t necessarily need to be a multi-millionaire.

We’ve already mentioned Aston Martin. Did you know that you could actually buy an Aston Martin DB7 for less than the price of a normal family saloon? Yes, the fuel and maintenance costs are going to by sky-high, but the purchase cost isn’t necessarily as crazy as you might think. This is exactly how normal people manage to get into the world of supercars.

This same fact is true for a great many supercars, which often halve in value pretty quickly, which means that someone with a decent bit of money will be able to choose between a brand new top-end sports car or a supercar of 5-10 years old. Some are more affordable than others of course, but a quick bit of research will show you how different prices might be from how you’d imagined originally.

Spreading the Cost

The other way that one can drive an ‘affordable’ supercar is through leasing. This is generally how those who aren’t millionaires afford their supercars. You might think that leasing is there for businessmen wanting exec cars, but companies like Leasecar do offer things as high-end as Ferraris.

There’s a big difference in cost between paying monthly to pay off the 100 grand of a couple of of-year-old Lamborghini and paying a monthly fee to be able to drive the car for a few years. This is how people can drive cars expensive without ever having to spend anywhere near the list price.

So there you have it; you might never be rich enough to afford to buy a brand-new supercar, but you may well be able to lease one or find a used bargain.