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Business Ideas Your Family Should Consider

There have never been a better couple of decades for the Average Joe to start a business that can provide for their family far better than the run-of-the-mill nine-to-five job. Reality television shows such as Shark Tank serve to drive that point home as regular, every day people come up with small inventions that make big changes in every aspect of their lives.

Truth is, you don’t even need an original idea to make it big in business, especially with the proliferation of the Internet. If you understand a bit about the Web, or if you are willing to pay a company to host and optimize your website for you, you can become one of the many people making a living in the online space. The following are a handful of business ideas that your family should consider, in both the online space and the more traditional offline space.

Become an Affiliate

From SMB to multinational corporations, the online space has countless opportunities for work-at-home contractors. For example, you can become an affiliate of e-commerce giant, choosing products from their vast inventory and using the techniques of search engine optimization (SEO) to spread the word and bring in buyers. Amazon and similar distributors supply the products while you supply the traffic, and you get paid a percentage of whatever customers buy. The obvious play here is to go for products that sell in great volume and watch the small amount you make from each sale add up to a hefty sum.

Start a Car Dealership

People are always buying cars, and the trend doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. According to CAR-Research XRM, your family can take advantage of this by getting in on the ground floor and opening a car dealership. After all, the average 30 percent return that car dealerships have experienced since 2008 more than triples what you can expect from a well-diversified portfolio in the stock market. If you’re willing to put in the work, it’s a business that could net you more than enough to live off of comfortably.

Telemarketing Company

With the incorporation of online marketing into the promotional campaigns of so many companies, today you can make a lot of money as a content provider for multiple industries. If you have good writing skills, there are literally countless articles and blog posts out there just waiting to be written, since the webmasters of those sites often don’t have the time to keep up with demand. It’s an opportunity for very steady work, and it could easily translate to a full-time position. With a modicum of programming skills and SEO knowledge, you can even parlay your contacts into starting a content marketing firm of your own, which results in large streams of passive income after some time.

App Maker

With the emergence of mobile devices as everyday computing devices, which in many cases are preferred even over desktops, apps for the Android and Apple iOS operating systems represent a huge market themselves. You can use quickly-acquired computing skills to program mobile-friendly applications of almost any design, and you can use the various app stores to sell your wares. This is another business idea that represents potentially considerable streams of passive income, especially if you build several such apps and market them on different fronts.

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