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Benefits Of Car Recycling

There are obvious reasons why many of us have cars, to get from A to B, but there are a number of benefits to car recycling that could help save money and save the planet.

Recycling of any kind is obviously useful to our planet’s sustainability but it is not just the process of recycling that helps the environment, the benefits that branch off from not driving a car are also extremely helpful.

Get Extra Money

You can get the best price for your car a lot quicker than if you wait for all of the time-wasters and tire-kickers to come and have a look at your vehicle. Car recycling normally allows you to get a better deal that is offered for a part exchange deal on a new car too.

That’s not all, many people that have chosen to use a car recycling company have managed to negotiate a better deal on a new car because of the speed of the car recycling process.

Save Money On High Car Costs

The cost of driving continues to rise which means once you have paid for your car tax, insurance, and MOT, as well as ongoing maintenance and fuel, you don’t have much money left for other things.

Protect The Planet

20 bikes take up the same amount of space as just one car.  It only takes about 5% of the energy and materials used to produce a car to make a bike.  On top of those points, a bike generates absolutely no pollution.

Fewer Car Crashes

Every year there are car crashes, which can cost a lot of money and in some cases lives, but by there being fewer cars on the road, the number of crashes will decline too.

Reduce Congestion

Congestion, especially in larger cities like London, is a nightmare but with fewer cars, this could be dramatically reduced.

If you were looking to recycle your car for a newer model then did you know that ….?

– The most popular month to get rid of your car in March

As mentioned above, March is the month that symbols the first plate change of the year but it appears to be the most popular month to sell a car with 16.8% of all sales from the year. If we compare this to December, which happens to be the quietest month, only 3.8% of car sales take place. So, March could be the month when you strike a good deal on a new car.

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