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5 easy money saving tips for 2014

At this time of year, everyone is focused on the New Year and their resolutions to make 2014 the best year so far. One of the popular resolutions is the focus on saving money and cutting down on money waste. Therefore, make 2014 a more money-savvy year.

Gym membership

Every January, gyms are crammed full of people wanting to start their year with a healthier lifestyle and shed a few pounds. However, the cruel reality is that no matter how good the intentions are, by February the numbers will be greatly decreased and only those who really want to get fit are left.  This is a hard time not to get swept up in the madness and join a gym yourself. Do you really need a gym membership? Are you going to use it all year (because most memberships tie you in for at least 9 months)? Although the single-use prices can be high, it can normally be cheaper than membership if you use the gym once a week. Membership is only recommended if you have the desire to use it all year round or you could find yourself forking out about £30 a month for a service you’re not using.

For free exercise, you could try walking, hiking, and running. Or you could join a sports club which will give you a better workout than the gym, the membership prices are much lower and you will find your commitment will be better and last for longer.

Food planning

Planning your meals for the week ahead can be a faff, but it is a great way to prevent paying for goods you don’t need or buying spur-of-the-moment items. Food planning also helps to lower food wastage and reduces the amount of fresh produce that perishes in the back of your fridge. This forethought also enables you to budget your money and allocate your income in the knowledge that you won’t need to spend any more on your food shop.

Walk don’t drive

It is so tempting to just nip in the car to get some milk instead of walking 5 minutes to the nearest shop. It is a personal favorite seeing people drive to the gym when the gym is in their hometown. These short journeys add up in car running costs and prevent you from getting a healthy stint outside. It has been proven that 20 minutes outside walking can improve your well-being and health. This is a great New Year’s resolution because you won’t even notice that you are doing it and is a great way of changing one small aspect of your lifestyle.

New Year, New suppliers?

Every year it is good to review your suppliers from car insurance, utilities, internet, and phone. Are you using the best and cheapest supplier for your requirements? Every little amount saved will help to pay for your holiday/used as savings or towards a treat.

Quality is often better than quantity.

We live in a disposable and wasteful society, believing that we are getting value for money because we can buy 2 t-shirts for £10. However, they usually unravel after a handful of wash cycles but it doesn’t matter because you can buy another two, right? Why not invest this money in clothing that costs more but will last years of wearing and washing?? In the long run, you will be saving a lot of money. This can also be seen with women’s shoes and handbags. Why not buy a well-made handbag? These oilcloth bags will serve your needs throughout 2014 and into 2015!

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