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Tips for Saving Money on Cable, Internet, and Phone Bills

Who wants to sacrifice the luxuries of cable and internet? You shouldn’t force yourself into a black hole of boredom by cutting these costs completely out of the monthly finances. Alternative money-saving options exist to keep those entertainment resources while reducing daily living costs.

In an undulating economy, the average frugal person searches for ways to chop daily living costs down. Can you live without internet, cable, electricity, or a landline? How much money spent at the grocery store is considered reasonable on an average grocery trip? How much should you pay for a burger at a restaurant?

Instead of focusing on cutting these services out, reduce transportation costs, the water, electricity, and gas bills. You can find wiggle room in the smallest ways to save a few dollars per month.

Depending on the region or major metropolitan area where you live, the cost of living varies. Rather than focus on the debilitating costs and living miserably, seek financial relief with these suggestions for decreasing the cable, internet, and phone bills.

Why Do You Still Pay for Land Lines?

The time has come and passed for landlines. Unless you’re running a business or operation that requires a separate landline, then say goodbye to this bill in your home. Due to the reliance on mobile phones, there’s no need to pay for two voice lines. Why foot the bill for a mobile and landline? It’s unreasonable.

Even if you’re running a business, paying for separate communication services for data and voice is ridiculous as well. With the latest technological innovations, you can combine voice and data over one internet connection with VoIP, business Ethernet, and SIP trunking services.

Consolidate the Bills and Search for Deals

Currently, most cable and internet providers offer bundled packages for internet, cable, and even voice. Rather than pay two or three separate bills, save money by purchasing an exclusive or promotional package targeted at those individuals searching for multiple services.

This move simplifies and reduces those bills significantly. Also, you could save on TV direct by checking out other available deals that provide premium cable at reduced prices. Conduct the necessary research and you’d be surprised at the number of bargains available.

Cut the Internet out of the Equation

Due to the number of places offering complimentary Wi-Fi, it’s not crazy to cancel your internet service at home. Rather than spend money on this bill, walk to the nearest Starbucks, local coffee shop, or public library to take advantage of the free internet.

Those willing to make this sacrifice still save significant money even though they feel obligated to purchase a small coffee every time they connect to Starbucks’ free internet. Also, taking the internet out of the apartment or home could redirect your priorities onto other non-techno-related hobbies after a day of sitting in front of a computer screen. Everyone needs a break from technology.

Strike a Bargain with Internet and Cable Providers

Don’t take no for an answer when speaking with a representative of the cable and internet providers. It’s important to map out the local providers, their prices, bundled packages, perks, and disadvantages. Take notes and contact each provider.

See where a little negotiating gets you when considering purchasing these services. You might be pleasantly surprised at the customized deals available with a little resiliency. Perhaps you’ll earn prized premium networks free for the first year of service.

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