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Unsung Heroes – Microwave

While a nice sandwich can be enough to keep hunger at bay, it may not be enough to fuel a full day of work at the office.  While it is true that you could go out, buy something and bring it back – this can be very expensive.  This leads me onto another unsung hero of the workplace – the microwave.  You will know the difference it makes if you have worked in an office that does not have a microwave and one that does.  Hiscox have a campaign all about unsung heroes, which is why I thought about this particular one.

A hot meal can really make a difference to how you feel, especially on a cold winter’s day.  I have lost count of the amount of times that I’ve went out to the office on a miserably, chilly day only to discover that I didn’t pack anything to cook in the microwave.  On these occasions I tend to go to the nearest fast food restaurant or convenience shops for something hot.  Which although eases my cold and rumbling tummy, it does not do my wallet any good.

That is why I always try to make use of the microwave as much as I can; as do my colleagues.  Sometimes the smells can be a bit much, but I normally/or my wife makes something at home that I can simply pop into the microwave and bingo in 5 to 10 minutes, I have a nice and warm meal that really hits the spot at lunchtime.

Without a microwave, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my homemade spaghetti Bolognese or my wife’s tasty hotpot.  I, like most people in my office, never work well on an empty stomach so having access to a microwave can make all the difference between an office being really productive and really unproductive, and this is why it is definitely an unsung hero.


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