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What To Consider When Furnishing Your Attic Conversion

Converted lofts and attic spaces do not have a uniform shape or layout, often coming in a plethora of varying dimensions and arrangements. Nevertheless, for many, they are the room most full of character in the entire house, because they feel most homely and welcoming irrespective of design or furnishings. But that’s not to say you’re safe from having to spend much time thinking about how to furnish this unique space; it in fact can be quite stressful when tips such as the following are not taken into account.

So if you’re planning on, or have recently converted your top floor into an office, a studio or den, or of course a bedroom, then remember that properly dressing your conversion will definitely add value to your whole property, as well as probably becoming your new favorite room!

Firstly, you may come up against the most common problem people run into- small and winding staircases, and oddly shaped doorways. Make sure you address this responsibly if you’re yet to convert and look at your options because it’ll spare you a great deal of trouble if you opt for as much space as you can both in the stairway and the door area. Side note: If you have the option for an en-suite as well, I’d splash a little more for that too- you’ll never know how necessarily one was gonna be until there’s one crawling distance from the place you sleep. Aside from that just remember that furniture that’s easily dismantled is perfect for transport up and down sets of stairs, and sometimes strangely shaped attics mightn’t allow for certain pieces of furniture… don’t force it.

Some people or designers are intimidated by the daunting prospect of not having the right furniture for a room very dissimilar to any other in the house but don’t be discouraged. When choosing cupboards and shelves, bespoke furniture, and even lighting and wall art, you have the opportunity in a loft conversion to mirror a distinct theme throughout all of your choices, tying the room together and making it unimaginable in any conventional shape. Another perceived disadvantage that can often grant you room for all sorts of creative solutions is the issue of heating and insulation. This is addressed simply by making sure your furnishings are easily interchangeable and adaptable- perhaps a series of shag carpets for the colder months, and even a ceiling-hung fan for hotter seasons.

Don’t forget that the height of any loft conversion varies not only from loft to loft but wall to wall. Make sure that you plan layouts accordingly, not putting beds under too low a ceiling, and not blocking walkways (the tallest points of the room) with drawers or tables. A great tip is to have storage built into the smallest nooks of the room.

If you’re willing to attempt never-before-attempted ideas, and you spent careful thought and time planning, then there are a whole manner of creative resolutions to obstacles one may encounter in furnishing an attic conversion. You’re but a click away from discovering hundreds of people’s advice and hints, so what’s stopping you?

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