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7 Clever Ways to Save Money Around the Home

We could all do with ways to save a little extra money around the home. It’s probably the place where we spend the majority of our money – unless you’re Richard Branson or David Beckham, and are able to afford fancy cars and designer threads. Most of us find that every little helps. Here are 7 clever ways to save money around the home:

1. Speak to Estate Agents

If you’re thinking of moving, I recommend you speak to at least 3 estate agents to get a good asking price for your property. Estate agents in Clifton, for example, may be able to give you an accurate selling price for your home. They will only give you a guide price though; your house is only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. Always haggle for a great deal on commission prices as you could literally save hundreds of pounds.

2. Check References, Qualifications, and Paperwork

Ever heard of ‘cowboy builders’? If you’ve never been stung by one, then you’re probably the type who does their research. Cowboy builders don’t know what they’re doing and basically try to squeeze every last penny they can out of you. They have no intention of completing the job to a satisfactory standard or even completing it at all in some cases. In the last 5 years, it cost £3.7 billion to fix mistakes made by these people. When getting builders in, always check references, qualifications, and paperwork.

3. Get Contents Insurance

The standard amount for contents insurance is only £3 per week, yet many people still don’t have it. Around a quarter of households don’t have this insurance. Your possessions are very valuable, probably more so than you think, so make sure you’re properly covered. This will save you money in the long run.

4. Be More Efficient With Your Water

You have control over the amount of water you use, so make sure you’re as efficient with it as possible. There are lots of ways you can reduce the amount you use; never leaving the tap running when brushing your teeth, showering instead of bathing, and making sure you switch the taps off properly to name just a few things.

5. Only Ever Do Washing With a Full Load

90% of the energy it takes to wash clothes comes from having to heat the water. If you only ever wash your clothes with a full load, you’ll use fewer items per water and could save a decent amount every year.

6. Hang Your Washing Outside

Hanging your washing outside in the summertime or whenever the weather is decent will save on heating costs in the home.

7. Use an Energy Monitor

Knowing how much energy you use will make a big difference to the amount you pay on your bills. Use an energy monitor to know exactly what you’re using and when you’re using it. Simply turning your telly off standby could save you a small wad of cash per year.

Use these clever tips and you’ll notice more money in your bank almost instantly!

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