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The Easiest Ways to Save Money on Your Insurance

None of us likes paying out a fortune on insurance premiums but is there any way around this? There sure is. In fact, there are some incredibly simple ways of paying less for your insurance. Here are some of the simplest ways of saving money on what you pay out on insurance each year.

Ask for a Reduction in the Premium

The simplest of all is to ask your current insurance company if they could please reduce the premium. There is no need to plead with them or give them a long sob story, as we have more cards up our sleeve if they don’t agree to do this. However, you might find that if you tell them that you plan to shop around for a better deal they can do something to lower the premium. Some companies might give you this but others won’t. Either way, you lost absolutely nothing by asking politely for it.

Find Out About Discounts

Many different types of insurance policies have discounts that the customers never find out about. For example, if your car has an alarm or if your home has certain types of locks you might get some money taken off the amount you pay. If you have driven a company car in the past and don’t have a lot of no-claims discounts on your private car then this is another situation in which you might be able to get a discount you aren’t currently receiving. All you need to do is ask what discounts are available and see if any of them might apply to you. Of course, you would be best doing this after you have asked for a premium reduction.

Use One Insurer For All Your Policies

If you own a house and a car then you probably have a number of different insurance policies. A really quick way to save some cash is to ask your current insurer to quote you for covering all of your insurance needs. It might or might not help you out but it has got to be worth a try at least, to see whether it cuts your costs.

Don’t Pay on Installments If This Means an Extra Charge

Some insurance companies will charge you extra for paying your premium over monthly installments. It can be trickier to pay the whole thing in one lump sum but if it is going to save you money then it has got to be worth trying.

Shop Around

Shopping around for new insurance quotes might sound difficult and time-consuming but it doesn’t have to be anymore. All you have to do is go on the internet and then you can do this very quickly. Just be sure to have all of your details to hand before you go online, as this will save you time as you ask for quotes. 10 or 15 minutes of looking around could be enough for you to find a cheaper quote with a different insurance company.

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