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Saving Money in the Bathroom

With energy costs and household bills increasing at a rapid pace –it is key to try and save money wherever you can in the home!

One room where money is often wasted is the bathroom, from dripping taps to flushing the toilet – more than 63% of our daily water consumption at home originates from the bathroom and the toilet.

To help you out, we have put together some useful tips to help you make critical savings in 2014.

Some of these tips may be pretty obvious but you will be surprised by the potential savings available by making the smallest changes in your home.

Turn off the taps

Leaving a tap running while brushing your teeth can waste a staggering 6 litres – think of the potential saving available if everyone in your home turned off the taps each time they brush!

Turning off the tap when washing your face can also have the same saving potential, by simply putting in the plug and filling up the sink to wash your face, you could save up to 2 litres of water each time.

Fix dripping taps

Did you know that a dripping tap can waste more than 5,500 litres of water a year* – that’s a costly 15 litres of water every single day! By simply fixing your tap, there is a potential to make a huge saving to your household bills.

Shower Time

We all enjoy taking a relaxing bath, but with the average bath using up to 80 litres – you could save up to 20 litres each time by simply taking a 5-minute power shower instead. If everyone in your home swaps one bath per week for a shower, there is a potential saving of up to £25 per year on your water bills.*

Water-efficient showerheads

many brands now stock efficient showerheads which produce water flows that feel much more powerful than they actually are. A water-efficient showerhead could generate a shaving off up to £75 per year of gas bills and a potential saving of around £90 on water bills – that’s a possible saving of £165, and with the average cost of a water-efficient showerhead around £25, it’s easy to see the investment with this product.

Install an Adaptive Circulator Pump

A typical household of three pours up to 16,000 litres of clean water straight down the drain, simply because the water was not running warm – this wastes approximately 1.5 deciliters of water per second.

To remedy this long waiting time, an on-demand circulator pump can adapt to your home’s hot water consumption patterns, this means that you only get hot water when you need it, and hot water is readily available for these instances.

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