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Moving and Packing: 6 Cost Cutting Tips That Don’t Cut Corners

Moving Tips by Buying Brain

Moving is sometimes very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. How many times have you heard horror stories about peoples’ moves? The movers quote one price then charge them a higher price when they have their stuff loaded up into the truck. Or, how about moving vans or trucks – the people moving thought they needed one size and turns out they need a larger size, but they only realize this after they’ve rented the truck. They’re stuck.

Don’t get caught paying more than you have to. Here are a few tips to save yourself boatloads without cutting corners on your next move.


So you’ve just decided to invest in a new property and move home. Great for you, but you’re probably just now realizing how much work is in store as you look around that junk room you’ve procrastinated on cleaning up. Moving is a great excuse, err reason, to purge. You’ve likely got a lot of stuff laying around that you don’t want and don’t need anymore. Hold a yard sale and raise some money for your move. Chuck old clothes that you haven’t worn in at least 2 years. That dress that you wore to a friend’s wedding last summer? Will you honestly ever wear it again?

Your interview suit – you might want to keep it, unless it’s 5 years or older. Ditch it, and buy a new one when you get settled into your new place.

Moving companies, and even some DIY moving vans, charge by the pound, so the more you can get rid of, the better.

Do It Yourself

Whenever possible, try to do as much work as you can by yourself. So many of the costs of moving can be knocked down if you just box up and move yourself. If you rent a moving truck or van like U-Haul or Penske, you’re in total control of everything – no worrying about when movers will arrive with your stuff, whether anything is damaged due to poor handling, and whether you’ll be charged more (surprise – this happens often) when the movers arrive at your door with your belongings.

hand trucks for moving large boxes

Bubble Wrap Everything

If you have any valuables, bubble-wrap them. Newspaper also works well, but bubble-wrap is much better. It’s light-weight, so it won’t add cost like newspaper will. If you want to get creative, use towels, bathrobes, old comforters, beach towels, and linens to wrap delicate stuff. BAM! You just saved yourself money on bubble wrap and eliminated a box full of heavy clothes, towels, and linens.

Join AAA

AAA is good insurance against accidents on the road, and members also get a hefty discount on Penske trucks and other equipment. Want to know a secret? AAA members save 10 percent when they book one-way rentals online – awesome.

Use Self-Storage

Use free online services like Which Man and Van to compare self-storage options. That way, you won’t overpay for those little pod thingies that move from one location to another, or on fixed self-storage units.

Invest In Your Friends

If you help other people move, guess what? They may be willing to help you move as a return-favor. It’s karma. This is a simple tip, but it’s one that often pays off. And, if they’re your friend (or family members), you don’t have to worry about feeling embarrassed about asking. They’re your friend (or family) after all.

Jeremy S has relocated several times for work over the years. He enjoys blogging about his diverse moving experiences with tips and tricks for smooth moves and making a new home.

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