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How to Find the Perfect Real Estate Agents

Selling a commercial property can feel overwhelming, but having a real estate agent helping you every step of the way can make the entire process seem much easier. While it isn’t hard to find a commercial real estate agent, finding one that is suitable for your needs, reliable and effective may be a bit tougher. Discover the importance of using a Realtor when selling commercial real estate, the top qualities to look for in a real estate agent, how to vet their credentials and experience, and how to find the right fit for you.

Reasons to Hire a Realtor When Selling Commercial Property

Whether for commercial or residential property, many sellers think that handling the sale on their own might save them some money. However, it is rarely as simple as that. Commercial real estate agents do more than simply fill out paperwork, and they can be vital to the marketing, price negotiations and final sale of your property. The right commercial real estate agent can help you get more money in the sale by negotiating with the buyer, and they can even attract more potential buyers through a large network established over the course of their career. Above all, a commercial real estate agent will eliminate the stress of the selling process, which lets you focus on other elements of your life.

Qualities To Look For in a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Not all commercial real estate agents are created equally, and there are definitely some key characteristics to look for when making your selection. Communication is vital, so look for a Realtor that is readily accessible and answers phone calls or emails quickly. When your property is on the market and buyers are interested, time can be of the essence. You might also want to look for a real estate agent that has plenty of commercial experience rather than residential experience because the two differ substantially. Finally, look for proactive Realtors that listen to your needs but still propose ideas and properties that could work for you.

Checking and Vetting Credentials and Experience

Remember that even if a commercial real estate agent is friendly and communicative, you should only trust a substantial commercial investment to someone with credentials and experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for a copy of their Realtor license, and check online to make sure there are no issues with their business. Then, ask around to get some reviews from previous clients. If others who have used the agent have only glowing reviews, then you are getting a clear sign that this is someone who you should consider working with in the future.

Ask Plenty of Questions To Get The Right Fit

Many commercial property sellers only search for Realtors on paper, but it is important to speak with them on the phone or in-person to get a better idea of whether this will be the right fit. You want to find a Realtor that you feel comfortable with, and asking plenty of questions upfront can only help. Ask about whether they take weekends off, if there are any no-call hours, if they contact you with potential buyers right away or if they feel comfortable negotiating on your behalf. Along with learning more about the Realtor, you can decide if their personality meshes well with yours.

Using a commercial real estate agent certainly has its perks, but it is important for sellers to locate the right Realtor for their needs. These tips make it easy to narrow down the options and end up with a great advocate on your side.

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