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How online dating could save you money

Who hasn’t had the fantasy of meeting that special someone in a queue at the supermarket on a busy Saturday morning? Or a charming exchange in which a clumsy girl with her hands full of packages bumps into the guy of her dreams at the post office? These are wildly romantic but probably unrealistic.

There is nothing wrong with being proactive in the quest for love – and that’s precisely where online dating comes in. Online dating can be exciting, fun, and potentially life-changing. It can also save a lot of money when compared to traditional dating. Here’s how.

Cutting the cost of dating

There’s no doubt about it – dating is expensive and time-consuming, and everyone knows that time is money. Statistics have shown that couples that meet online usually get married after a shorter period of time than those who meet in person. So, if one wants a good bargain and a good partner, online dating might be the way to go.

Just think about what goes into dating in real life – heading out to a bar or restaurant, going to shows, paying for drinks. This takes time and money – and taxi fares! With online dating, it is possible to connect with multiple people in the comfort and safety – and spend-free zone – of home. Chat them up online, and if it doesn’t work out right away, no money is wasted on grooming, theatre tickets, or dinner.

Dating in real life usually lasts an average of 42 months before marriage, with couples going on dates at least once a week. An average date costs about £80. Do this for about four years and one can spend almost £17,000! Couples that start dating online usually date for about 18 months before walking down the aisle. Sure, joining an online dating site usually involves a fee, but that averages out at approximately £140 – just do the maths to see how online dating can end up paying for itself in the long run!

Getting started online

First things first: pick an online dating service. There are so many dating sites out there, it can be hard to choose, but the trick is to think about one’s needs and wants in relation to dating and take it from there. For example, choose a reputable dating service that focuses on a particular aspect of one’s life such as single parents or a specific profession. Those that offer a free trial period are also good for paring down the choices. Do a little research on the different sites and even ask friends. Or, check out something like the Global Personals official Twitter for more information.

Once the choices have been narrowed down, it’s time to get busy – posting profile pictures and writing a dating profile. The trick is to keep it simple, honest, and specific. Don’t go into too many deeply personal details, especially about any past relationships but don’t skimp on the basic details, either. And, post a great profile photo – though relationships should be based on more than looks, a huge part of online dating is all about that picture! Just remember to keep it tasteful.

Have fun and good luck!

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