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Have You Considered Taking On A Second Job?

In other parts of the world, it is more commonplace for people to have 2 jobs or more at once than it is in the UK.   Although British people have not really taken to this custom in the past, there are a growing number of people who have begun taking on more than one job to make a better life for themselves.  If you think this might be the right thing for you, how would you go about getting started?

Check If You’re Allowed To Under Current Contracts

As many companies don’t permit their employees to work for other companies, it is worth checking if your current employer has rules about it.  One could argue that if the work you are doing for extra earnings is on the internet, the likelihood of your employer finding out is very low.  At any rate, there may be no actual rule about having a second job in place, but you may still have to prove to your employer that your second job isn’t going to interfere with your work for them.

Make A Plan

When you are juggling 2 or more jobs, the days will feel much shorter than they did before.  This is why it is essential that you make a plan to ensure that you still have a reasonable lifestyle.  It is not a good idea to be stuck inside all day, so you need to come up with ways to get out and about, such as walking to work occasionally.  If you intend to work both jobs during the week, then you need to plan your weekend so that it is relaxing and doesn’t involve anything to do with work.  However, if your second job is a weekend one, you will have to plan out how you are best going to use the free time you have during the week, to avoid burning out.

Could You Work Online As A Freelance Essay Writer?

One of the most popular ways these days that people are working a second job is by doing it online.  This is most likely due to the flexibility you have with working online.  For instance, if you take on writing work such as essay writing through one of the many websites that offer these services, you will be able to schedule this work in while giving yourself an adequate amount of rest and relaxation time, without it being too stressful.  It is not only a cost-effective way to earn extra, but is also a second job that is kinder on your body as you won’t have to commute or even leave the house.  The fact it won’t cost you any extra outgoings means that anything you make from online writing work is yours straight away.

Sites such as elance and essay edit are very easy to navigate around and use.  Clients post jobs on the board and you bid on the work.  If you are selected, you then research and write the essays to their requirements and once they approve it, you get paid.  What could be simpler than that?

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