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Car Personality

Everyone has a unique personality and style that dictates just about every purchase that they make. What you love to look at inspires how you decorate your home, what colours you paint your walls, and even the clothes that you wear. You want to look and feel confident no matter where you are, whether you are at home or at work, and you will make purchasing decisions based upon that need to feel good all the time. And the same goes for your car. Believe it or not, your personality, your sense of style, and your preferences play a large part in your car buying and decision-making processes.

So what type of car do you prefer to drive? Do you opt for luxury vehicles every chance that you get? Or do you prefer the smallest compact car that fits into tight parking spaces in crowded city streets? Do you need a powerful 4×4 truck to get you wherever you want to go, even offroading, or do you like to keep things eco-friendly with an electric or hybrid vehicle instead?

If you have never considered how your personality influences the type of car you choose to purchase, check out the interactive infographic below. Choose the car that you prefer and then find out what it says about you. You may be surprised by how accurate it is. And once you have figured out your car personality, you can then begin paying a little more attention to the drivers around you on the road. What are they driving, and what do their cars say about them? This could be fun…

Car Personality

Car Personality is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

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