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Are People Making Assumptions About You Based On Your Car?

You’re a unique person. People shouldn’t make assumptions about you based on how you look or even the car that you drive. Are you guilty of doing just that to other people, and if you are, is it a fair or false judgment?

When a flashy sports car pulls up alongside you at a set of traffic lights who do you expect to see in it, a young man or woman with immaculate hair and a white-toothed smile, or an old man with holes in his jumper? If a Land Rover stops nearby, you wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a man climb out wearing a flat cap, with two Labradors on leads. If you see an electric car go past, because you certainly won’t hear it, then you might expect to see a driver carrying a basket full of organic fruit and vegetables, with sandals on their feet.

The fact is that these assumptions are right more often than wrong. Psychologists say that this is because the car that we really drive is really an extension of our personality. Once you accept that, you can tailor it to your advantage. Find a car that’s going to portray you in the best possible light, and make others feel that you’re a force to be reckoned with before you’ve even opened your mouth.

This helpful infographic lets you know what your car is saying about you to other people, whether you drive a compact car, a pickup truck, or a people carrier. You can also use it to find out if there is a car that’s even more suited to your personality, or the one that you want to project. Check what your friend’s car is saying about them, it can be scarily accurate.