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Will Android Steal iOS Market Share In 2018?


The battle between Android and Apple continues, as they wage war for the leading market share.  These two companies have managed to create a situation where they both dominate the market and are said to account for 99% of all smartphone sales in the world.  It goes without saying that this trend applies to the operating systems as well. Just like there’s a war between PC and console, the war between iOS and Android is intense, with proponents on each side willing to fight it out.

The Android operating system (OS) is owned by Google and is Linux based.  Android OS is an open source software and was originally developed by Android Inc. which was bought by Google in 2005.  iOS is the mobile operating system owned by Apple.  Android is ahead of the market with 87% and iOS at 12%.  Before Apple was the dominating company, but later the market was dominated by Android.  Android has a foothold in developing nations such as Africa and Asia, but iOS has the higher market share in first world countries such as the US, Australia and Europe.  This could be because of the different cultural and social and economic factors that are evident in local geographies.

Range of Devices

Android has a greater range of models available and it’s not just in the Samsung range but other manufacturers as well.  This tends to be problematic however when many of the Android users have devices which are still using older OS versions.  This becomes a big problem when there are bugs in the OS and makes it difficult to maintain a high level of security.  Apple does not have this problem as there are fewer models, but there are also less versions of games optimised for iOS, and online blackjack NZ fans may find this an issue..

When it comes to user interface, Apple is the clear leader and Android comes a close second.  iOS offers its users an easy interface that is easy to navigate and that is simple and clean.  Android on the other hand has a range of menus to choose from and for those who prefer a Qwerty keyboard then Android is the way to go.

App Store vs Play Store

Because the Android OS is an open source it is more vulnerable to hacking and cyber attacks, whereas Apple is not.  Because of the range of devices and the openness of app installation from a third party, Android is more open to security issues.  Apple iOS is much stricter when it comes to access to its location and contact information for their apps.  With regard to app development Android apps are easier to develop because the OS is more open and there is the option for more customisation while Apple app development is not.  Development of Android apps is 30% more expensive and uses 40% code lines but once these apps have been developed they more easily published on the Play Store.  For development of iOS apps, the process if longer and stricter.

Apple apps are designed better and simple to use, and are organised in the iTunes Store.  There are a much wider range of Android apps in the Play Store.  Studies have shown that Apple users access content categories and do much more online shopping.  Apple iPhone users make more in-app purchases than Android users and most of Android apps revenue comes from advertising.

These two tech giants dominate the market and both have something great to offer.  When looking at who will have the largest market share for 2018 it really comes down to personal preference or is determined by business needs.

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