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Why You Need a Credit Card Terminal



For retailers and other businesses, the 21st century is driven by card payments. Convenient for customers, and even more so for the business owner as we shall explain, credit and debit cards are more popular than cash for high street, face to face purchases; indeed, some 66% of such transactions are paid by card. When you consider that 175million people in the USA carry at least one card this should come as no surprise. Furthermore, people tend to spend more when buying with a card, chiefly because of the convenience, by as much as 20%, so can you afford to miss out on those extra sales?

You may be thinking that investing in the equipment for taking card purchases will be expensive; if so, we urge you to have a look at Merchant Account Solutions who are a leading name in the provision of equipment and solutions in the USA, and who can provide you with free terminals to take credit cards. Their charge per transaction is also very competitive, and they have a range of other services they can offer that will make your credit card transactions far more efficient.

Convenient for Everyone

Merchant Account Solutions has been in the business of providing solutions for many years, and they keep on top of the latest technology to ensure you give your customers the best possible experience when shopping with you. For example, they are up to speed with the current growth in contactless payments, using both cards and smart phones, and can help you with the equipment, software and apps to make sure this runs smoothly. They are not just dedicated to smaller business, as they also have clients who are major corporations. Whatever your requirements, one of their friendly, experienced team will be more than happy to help.

With a credit card terminal installed in your business you are ready to take payments in the most convenient way. It can be quicker than taking cash or cheques, and ensures you get paid for your goods or services instantly. Merchant Account Solutions will endeavour to provide your equipment and ensure it is up and running as quickly as possible, and with many satisfied clients over a number of years, you are assured of professional service from them during the transaction and beyond.

Full Range of Services

If you run an online or virtual store then Merchant Account Solutions can help you with this, too, as they can provide you with the latest equipment and software. You can find a full description and information on all their services at the website, and also request a call back or a quote for your merchant account services. If you are not already taking card payments it is a vital addition to your business, and if you think your solutions might be behind the times you need to look at bringing things up to date. Get in touch with Merchant Account Solutions right now, and see how they can help improve your business efficiency at very little cost.

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