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Why Antivirus is Important for your Family

There are many reasons you should have an antivirus on your phone such as the ability to avoid hackers, stop viruses in their tracks, and protect your phone when you’re not around. The AVG app is a top-rated app that is free to download and can assist you in stopping a variety of attacks on your mobile device. Here are just a few reasons that your antivirus protection is important and something you should not take lightly.

Dangerous Downloads

You may love to download games, apps and other programs on your mobile device that makes life easier and more enjoyable. However, when you download those games and files you could be downloading harmful malware, spyware, or viruses. With the AVG Android security download, you can prevent those things from happening. With this app installed on your mobile device, you can rest assured that those dangerous apps will not get through.

More Efficient Device

With the AVG app antivirus, you can get a more efficient phone. Have you noticed your battery seems to run down a lot faster than it should? This app runs silently in the background and will shut down tasks that may be continuously running even when they’re not in use.

Other Reasons You Need an Antivirus

If you sign on to Wi-Fi networks around town, then you need to be sure you’re protected when you do so. Hackers can use these networks to break into your device and steal information. The app will scan and make sure the network is safe before you sign on.

Other features you can utilize include tracking your phone, remotely wiping and locking the device, and also the ability to get a photo of who’s trying to access your phone. You can also lock your photos and files with the passcode protection provided by AVG.

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