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What is a Public or Claim Adjuster

claim adjuster

When a damage or loss occurs to a residential or commercial property or to a vehicle in the State of Pennsylvania, a public or claim adjuster will work to help those affected by the damage or loss.

The duties of a public adjuster in Pennsylvania or a claim adjuster in Pennsylvania include: research and investigation of the claim, review insurance policies to verify if the type of damage or loss is covered at the time the claim has been initiated, interpret information when requested by legal professionals and work to settle claims and distribute payments after a settlement has been determined or reached.

After a damage or loss has been reported, a public or claim adjuster may work with several different parties such as: lawyers, construction and business professionals to ensure that the both insurance companies and the insured individuals or third parties are treated equally during the claim process.

Public adjusters in Pennsylvania and claim adjusters in Pennsylvania can either work independently or work with the insurance companies. When a public or claim adjuster works independently, he or she works for the filer or filers of the claim to deal with the insurance company. When a public or claim adjuster works for an insurance company, he or she works as an employee or contractor of the insurance company.

Depending on the laws of each state, there are certain requirements that need to be met in order for an individual to become a public or claim adjuster. A high school diploma is a requirement for most adjuster positions but some companies may require a college degree. For insurance companies that deal with the business damages or losses, an adjuster may need to have some education in business practices such as accounting or financial literacy. For residential and commercial properties, adjusters may need to have some background in building and construction management. If an adjuster is working with legal or medical claims, he or she may need to have some education that pertains to the legal or medical fields. Some states require a license to become a public or claim adjuster. In order to receive a license, an individual would have to take an examination that pertains to their field of interest.

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