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Top Things You Never Knew About The Nintendo Switch


The world of console gaming is an exciting space right now. The Nintendo Switch continues to fly off shelves at a rapid rate, and if Nintendo does continue to supply stores with more units the console is set on breaking some records. Already having sold over 1.5 million units, the Switch is a hot piece of gaming tech.

Praised for the overall simplicity of game-play and unique grab and go portability the Switch doubles up as a hand-held device and static console. So, we know that the Switch affords players with classic games and simplistic software, a hand-held device that can add an additional player on the portable controller and allow for endless hours of fun.

What Nintendo hasn’t kept straightforward are the hidden features just waiting to be accessed. These are the top things you never knew about your new Nintendo Switch, and they are as exciting as playing online bingo games and hitting the jackpot!

Monitor Your Game Play 

Before any software present in a console had a feature to keep track of your playtime on a particular game, the only option was to go through the parental controls. This feature could show you which accounts had accessed what and the amount of time spent on the account.

The Nintendo Switch changes that and allows players to monitor the amount of time spent playing a game. To access this feature head into your profile menu, tap up on the stick, once your portrait is highlighted click in. Once in your profile is open a detailed account of your history can be found.

A Quick Fix For Frame Rate Issues 

If you’ve noticed Frame rate issues on games like Zelda, you’re not alone. It’s not a console issue, but the games asset-heavy demands can induce lag. It will happen often, particularly when the console needs to render waving grass or other background features.

Nintendo should bring out a patch for the issue, but until such a time there is a quick fix to help your frame rates act more in tune. The Switch is constantly seeking a Wi-Fi connection so by turning off auto connect in console mode it resolves the issue. For hand-held mode slip the Switch into airplane mode.

Get Your Thanks 

Nintendo gaming fans love their accessories; the gaming company has always gone to great lengths to personalize their gear. If you picked up the Pro Controller then you will love the hidden personalized message on the analogue stock of the controller.

The hidden message is microscopic but it’s there. Tucked inside the recess of the right analogue stick there’s a message that reads thnx2allgamefans. It’s awesome and exactly why Nintendo has such a soft spot in all gaming fans hearts.

Play Online Games For Free

With all the hype around the Nintendo Switch it’s easy to overlook one of the best features of owning a Switch right now. You can play online games for free until Fall 2017.

When you get a new console it takes a while to start accumulating games. So, being able to play games for free online will allow players to experiment with the games so that you can get your hands on the best Nintendo Switch titles first.

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