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Three Useful Tips for Home Sellers to Help Get a Better Price

As a home seller, your job is to make your home as desirable as possible to stimulate buyer interest and encourage competition between interested parties, which will both act as motivation for them to move quickly and subtly make it clear that they will need to put in a decent offer if they are to stand any chance of security your property. With this in mind, here are three tips as to how to make your home appealing to buyers.

Provide them with lots of relevant, high-quality photos

It is probably impossible to overstate the importance of having plenty of good photos in a property listing. If you opt for a high-street estate agent then your involvement in the photography process may be limited to ensuring that the property (including the exterior) is looking its best before they turn up with the camera.

If, however, you opt for an online estate agent, then photography may be an additional expense, which, quite frankly may not be justified. After all, if you are going to pay someone to photograph your house then you might as well hire a photographer directly.

This might actually be a good idea, especially for higher-value properties, but if you are going to photograph the property yourself, then the responsibility is on you to do a good job. Ideally, use a proper camera (rather than a phone) along with a tripod (they’re very affordable) and a spirit level (ditto). Then see if you can make any (ethical) improvements with a photo editor. Obviously, don’t try to distort reality, but feel free to tidy up your images.

Highlight the key attractions of your local area

If you just list everything a buyer could possibly find interesting about your local area, then you risk buyers being put off by the sheer volume of information and moving on to the next listing. Instead, think about the sort of person who would be likely to be interested in your specific property and what sort of life-stage they are probably going to be in. (The chances are it’s the same life-stage as you were in when you bought the property). Then highlight the features you feel would be of most interest to them.

For example, if you’re selling a starter flat then you might want to talk about the local gastropubs whereas if you’re selling a family home then it would probably be more appropriate to mention good schools and play parks.

Be clear about your commitment to selling

Just as sellers want to be confident that buyers really are in a position to afford a property, buyers also want to be confident that a seller really does want to move and will not back out of a sale before completion because they have changed their mind or because a chain has collapsed. The number one way to reassure potential buyers that you are serious about moving is to set a realistic sales price right from the start. In fact, if speed is your priority, you might even want to look at setting a fixed price.

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