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The Internet – The Most Useful Tool for a Traveler


If you have been traveling for a while, then you must have noticed how things changed over the years, haven’t you? Every year there are new tools that help you make your traveling easier and more enjoyable. Even little things like traffic apps can improve your entire experience. But let’s just take a moment and think about all the thing that the internet made better over the years, shall we?


What used to be one of the first things you did when you got in a particular location? You bought a town map, of course. You needed that so you wouldn’t have to ask for directions every step of the way, and getting lost in a big, unknown city can be quite frustrating. But now you have a map of the entire world in your pocket. Your phone, with the help of mobile data or wi-fi hot spots, can show you exactly which road to take. It can even show you interesting locations. So thank you internet!


Some of the countries you want to visit still require a visa for you to get in. But that is no longer an issue. Thanks to the internet, you can get that online. Did you know that you can get into India by applying for an e-visa online? That’s actually a real thing. And India is not the only country that can provide that service. There is a bunch more. No more trips to the consulate and no more staying in line. You can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Passport photos

If you need passport photos, you no longer need to go to a superstore or a photo studio. You can get cheap passport photos by just standing in front of your webcam. You don’t even have to be fully clothed. As far as the service is concerned, you are wearing pants. I am kidding, but you can actually do that. What more can you want?


A couple of decades ago, most of the itinerary was established on the go. You got somewhere, then you decided what you wanted to visit or stopped along the way. Or, the best case scenario was when you went to the library and did a little research. But now, you can do a simple search of the best locations in a particular country, and that’s pretty much it. You can even find sites with places reviewed by other fellow travelers. That way you can know if the place is worth visiting or not before actually going there.

I know that for some people these things may appear as ordinary, but for people who did some traveling a couple of decades ago, this is actually huge. Knowing where you are going all the time and doing all the booking and prep online is something that everybody should be grateful for. If you think about it, you can do everything online, and the only time that requires getting out of the house is when you actually go on the trip.

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