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The Benefits of Sales Incentives


When companies bring out sales incentives without giving much thought to the program, it can go either way: extraordinarily successful, or tremendously awful. Sales incentives are introduced as a form of motivation for the team in order to accomplish goals that are set by the company. The use of incentives did not just get discovered recently. In fact, incentives have been around and used by everyone from our parents to our teachers, etc., in order to get us to do the work and, in turn, we’d get a reward.

What Are Sales Incentives?

Sales incentives are introduced by employers in order to give their employees some form of motivation for their commendable work. There are plenty of benefits of introducing sales incentives to a team that is unmotivated and not at all keen to complete their work. Here are a few benefits of a sales and channel partner program:

Better Recruits

Many companies offer sales incentives programs and most of these programs differ greatly. It is up to the eligible employees to pick a company that offers an incentive that is perfect to the person. If your company manages to introduce a sales incentive that is impressive and motivational, you are likely to get an edge, in terms of the people you hire, and will attract more experienced people who are willing to join forces with your company.

Increase in Motivation

Existing employees in a company might feel that they lack enthusiasm and motivation when it comes to their job. This is mostly because they aren’t being offered a good deal of incentives and, oftentimes, their skills are overlooked by their employers. By introducing legitimate sales incentives, employees pay a lot more attention and take on a more competitive approach to their work.

Reduction in Turnovers

Employees, especially sales rep, are likely to give up on their existing jobs and start looking elsewhere for one main reason: they feel unappreciated. By introducing a successful and well thought out sales incentive, the sales rep is likely to notice that their work is recognised along with compensation for that hard work. Existing sales reps are more likely to stay back and enjoy the incentives while they can.

More Profit for the Company

When you introduce incentives into a firm that lacks proper motivation, the existing employees are very likely to respond by taking part and doing their best to reach the goal. In a competitive environment like this, employees are bound to put in a lot of effort which will result in the company making more profit. Making the incentives as fun and motivating to the employee as possible will result in the employee going the extra mile to do what they can to get to the top.


Upon receiving benefits for their hard work, not only do the employees feel that their hard work is being recognised, they are also likely to show loyalty to the company. This can immensely benefit the company.

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