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Spend Less on Food but Still Eat Well

It isn’t the case that to save money on food you need to eat poorly. Surviving on bread and water or making every meal out of rice and potatoes isn’t the answer.

Instead, you should look to find ways to spend less on your food without cutting back on the quality of what you put on your plate. Here are three different ways of doing this that you might like to try.

Don’t Throw Away Your Leftovers

The amount of food that gets thrown out in developed countries like the UK is scary. While there is a shortage of basic ingredients in many other places we think nothing about throwing away plates full of perfectly good food every day. If you do some research on this subject you will find worrying statistics such as the fact that 15 million tons of food go to waste in the UK every year. Across the US, it is reported that people throw out a quarter of all the food they buy. Just think how much cash you are throwing in the bin if you do this.  Instead, you should find ways of using your leftovers to make sandwiches for work or as a base for the next day’s meal. If you make too much food for one day you could also freeze it for another day.

Be Aware of the Dates

Another big problem for many of us is that some of the food we buy goes straight into the bin without us even trying it. This is because many shoppers now buy in bulk buy choose too many products which are close to their best-before date. Another possibility is that you put a few pots of yogurts or a bit of cheese at the back of the fridge and promptly forget about it. By buying aware of the date on the products you buy and store you will waste less on the food you need to throw away. If you do this then you should have no worries about buying fruit, vegetables, and healthy dairy products as well.

Cook Healthy Meals

If you want to save cash when you go to the supermarket you might be tempted to pick up a few frozen meals and snacks. These look cheap enough but there are a couple of problems with them. Firstly, they aren’t likely to give you the healthy and nutritious meals you need. Secondly, they will probably work out cheaper than buying the ingredients and making something yourself. The first couple of times you cook at home it might be more expensive, as you need to buy things like herbs and spices. However, once you build up some basic ingredients in your cupboard it will be a good value way of getting your meals. If you don’t know of any recipe ideas then just look up cheap and tasty recipes on Google and you will find more than you can ever hope to try.

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