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Making Your Car Last Longer

Saving money is important, no matter who you are. Whether it’s in the grocery store or paying the bills, the cost of living is a heavy burden at times, and we could all use a little extra help. Especially when it comes to transportation. Cars are expensive, and they’re expensive to maintain, so saving money on owning a car any way you can is a must. Luckily, here are just a few ways you can save money on transportation.

First and foremost, use your car less. It may take a little extra time, but walk if you don’t have to drive. A good rule of thumb is walk if you’re traveling less than a mile. This will save you money otherwise spent on gas, for one thing, but it will also preserve your car’s structural integrity that much longer using it sparingly. As an added bonus, walking is a relaxing and healthy activity many of us don’t do often enough, so enjoy it.

Another way to save your car for when you really need it is using public transportation. Taking the local bus to get around when traveling short distance is a cost-effective alternative to edging your car ever closer to costly repairs. It’s also the alternative of choice for many who can’t afford to own a car. It’s inexpensive and well worth the discomfort of riding with strangers.

Lastly, there’s long distance travel. We all know that feeling of wanting to go on a road trip and fearing, knowing, that your car won’t make the trip. Nobody should have to deal with that thought, let alone the reality, but you don’t have to. Buses are, once again, an option. Buses are an inexpensive way to get from town to town, and when you get to your destination, rent a car. While a rental car seems like a big expenditure, keep in mind that it’s risk free and has the added bonus of not degrading your own vehicle unnecessarily. So, you can rely on a service like Hotwire to help you get around your destination.

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