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How to Save for Your Dream Holiday


Have you always dreamt of standing in the buzz of Times Square? Love the idea of walking across the Great Wall of China? Maybe you just want to sip rum cocktails in Jamaica. Whatever your travel goals, we can provide some top tips to help you save for your dream holiday.

Set a Budget

Now, before you commit to a deposit on a holiday, you need to figure out if you can actually afford it. That means sitting down and working out your outgoings, and how you’ll pay for the trip. Budgeting apps are great for this. If you can’t afford to travel within the next few months, maybe put the holiday on the backburner until you have enough funds so you can just sit back and enjoy it.

Book Early

If you want to bag a bargain on your dream holiday, we encourage you to book early, especially for long-haul flights. Prices can change considerably within a matter of weeks as a date draws closer. Travel companies will offer low prices at first to fill their seats, but they’ll increase their prices due to popular demand.

Flight Delay Compensation

If you’re saving for a holiday away, you might be able to pay for it from your last trip abroad. If you have been subjected to a flight delay of three hours or more from a European airport, you could be entitled to make a flight delay compensation claim with the help of financial claims specialists Stanton Fisher. So, instead of missing out on money you are entitled to claim back, you could use it to fund that holiday you’ve been dreaming about.


Sell Old DVDs, Games and Books

We all have many unwanted items sitting around our homes – and you can easily turn all this clutter into cash. Gather together all the items you no longer need, such as DVDs, games and books and sell them to websites such as Music Magpie, who will happily pay for your unwanted goods. You’ll have money in the bank and your items will head to a good home.

Find a Cheaper Energy Supplier

So many homes across the country are paying far too much for their energy. That’s why it’s important to browse the market for the cheapest energy supplier on the market. By switching energy suppliers, you could save £100 or more on your energy bills – which you could use to pay for those fruity cocktails on the beach. We know what we’d prefer! Have a look at when you want to switch energy supplier.

Use Your Loyalty Cards

So many companies across the UK offer loyalty cards for their customers, allowing you to save up points each time you shop in their stores. Once you have enough, you can use those points to buy various items in store, saving you some cash that could be used on those much-needed holiday spends.

Avoid Public Holidays Abroad

Different countries will have different public holidays, which are often peak travel periods. As you can imagine, during this period, hotels, trains, flights and buses will be very expensive, with many people hoping to travel during the public holiday.

Take a look at your desired country’s public holiday calendar to ensure you don’t get caught up in the holiday rush, which will also result in increased holiday prices, and there’s even a chance that shops, bars and restaurants are closed, ruining your holiday.

Haggle with a Tour Operator

Travel agents are now struggling to compete with the internet, which is a fact you could potentially use to your advantage. You can guarantee they’ll be eager for your custom, so they could be happy to provide you with a discount so you buy your break with them. Make sure you research online so you’re aware how much a holiday could set you back, and see if they can provide a better rate.

Delete Your Internet Cookies

There is a reason why many websites now inform you they are storing cookies on your computer – and that’s because they are stealing your browsing information. They use cookies to monitor your online shopping habits and so they know when you’ve returned to their site to shop with them once again – meaning they’ll increase their prices.

So, before you book a holiday online, delete your cookies and browsing history, which will ensure you receive the best deal online for your destination.

Change the Transport

Why pay a fortune to travel by plane when you can travel by car or train for a fraction of the cost? If you’re travelling across Europe, we strongly recommend you look into travelling by train, as it is most likely considerably cheaper than travelling by air. The money saved could later be spent on fantastic adventures, delicious street food or maybe even a new bikini.

Journey During Unsociable Hours

Why travel at peak times when you could make great savings by simply changing your travel times. Off-peak travel is a great way to bag a low-cost break, as not many people want to travel during early mornings, late nights or in the middle of the week. Yes, you might have to drag yourself out of bed at ridiculous o’clock, but it could be the difference between bagging an affordable holiday or shelling out for an expensive one.

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