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How to Get a Better Online Deal for Booking a Holiday




Tuesday is booking day

We looked at and it seems that the cheapest day of the week is a Tuesday at 10am to book a holiday online. Booking around this time will get you the prices from the night before. Leave it until after lunchtime and the prices will have been updated by the airlines and tour operators which mean you’ll be paying more for exactly the same holiday. Why Tuesdays you ask? Well Tuesdays are the days that companies adjust their prices particularly if holidays aren’t selling.



Don’t be hasty

The biggest piece of advice I can give is don’t book the first flights you see. Fares range from company to website and airline to flight broker so it’s really important to shop around online and check various airlines on different days on the week. I’d also recommend having a search for what sites offer special discount for certain travel merchants. For example one quick search and I was able to find an Expedia promo code which wasn’t available on the Expedia site itself.



Sweeten them up

You’ve found where and when you want to go but it’s just not within your budget.  Well, get your haggling hat on cause you’ll need to be prepared to drive a hard bargain here. Once you’ve found the holiday package you are after, instead of clicking ‘book’ online, pick up the phone and call them. Tell them you’ve seen the deal on line but it’s slightly without your budget. If you are ready and prepared to book up front there and then, chances are they’ll pop you on hold while they ‘go and consult their manager’ and come back with a cheaper price for you.

And remember tour operators make holidays, travel agents sell them. That means the same holiday can be different prices at different agents. Try to negotiate in price per person, not total cost, as discounts will seem less to the travel agent.


Don’t book through the normal operators

Traditionally us Brits have been used to going straight to high street travel agents shops and then using the same operator online to book our summer holidays. But that’s all changed with technology too. Now instead of going to the operator, you can book through independent agents., and all offer much lower package deals as they usually offer seats on low cost airlines and specialise in short haul trips to the likes of the Costas, Greece and Portugal.  The end cost can often not include transfers and luggage which means you need to sort those out yourself, however then you can make a saving by researching your own method of transport and not need to pay extra admin fees for an increased luggage allowance. So next time you are searching for a holiday, look for an ABTA approved agent instead of going straight to the top travel operators.


Go All Inclusive

If you’ve never went on holiday on an All Inclusive package before you don’t know what you’re missing. The full terms and conditions of your deal will depend on the type of hotel that you are staying in but generally you’ll get access to soft drinks, alcohol, a snack bar throughout the day (some have a 24hr snack bar) and allocated times for a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. So when you work out how much you’d spend on food and drink on a self-catering deal compared to AI, you’ll be shocked at the saving you could make. Yes the cost of the booking will be pricier than you are used to but all in you could be better off switching to AI holidays, especially if you’ve got a family who all need fed and watered all hours and topped up with ice cream and juice.


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