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How easy is it to be a professional gambler?

picAlthough many of us will have enjoyed the occasional game of poker, or even visited a glamorous casino whilst on holiday, few of us will have taken things that extra step further by considering life as a professional gambler.

This is not surprising as many news stories and even films have been quick to point out the negative effects of those whose lives have become recklessly out of balance as they strive to feed a gambling habit.

However, as this BBC news article shows, there are many people who’ve managed to overcome the odds and become fully-fledged professional gamblers. So how do they do it?

Most gamblers seem to start relatively inauspiciously by realising that much gambling success simply depends upon a few intricate calculations that can calculate the likelihood of a bet going their way. And by knowing when to walk away from the table, they can minimise their losses and come back for more the next day.

Such clear-thinking runs counter to the myth of the professional gambler that can be found in the poems written by the likes of Charles Bukowski who documents the low-down ways of the racetrack gamblers in the mid 20th century.

Instead of these hard-bitten characters, the modern gambler will increasingly learn their craft and develop their skills thanks to sites such as Coral’s online casino. As it is important to play at the sites which offer the best value, sites like Coral often run promos for new customers as a way of helping them get to grips with any new game in a way that minimises any losses so that they can develop their skills in the future.

This is because any betting source, whether it’s an online casino or a real-life bookies, will need to ensure that their customers are able to maintain a healthy relationship to ensure repeat visits. This is why any respectable online casino or bookmakers will invariably have resources such as those pioneered by the likes of Gamble Aware who extol the benefits of responsible gambling so that players don’t develop any risky playing behaviours.

The proliferation of gambling opportunities means that it’s now easier for the professional gambler to find an activity that matches their interests and skill levels. The Huffington Post recently revealed how even television shows such as X-Factor can now provide a steady income for a skilled gambler.

However, regardless of whether it’s a television show, an online casino, or a trip to the races, the biggest skill that a professional gambler has is simply knowing when to stop.

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