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Harald Seiz CEO of Karatbars International: Why the Oscar Wasn’t Always Made of Gold

The Oscars are one of the biggest events of the year. Movies and their creators vie to be recognized at this exclusive awards ceremony, and to be awarded an Oscar that recognizes exceptional talent. People are familiar with the gold statues and how they look. But the Oscar statue wasn’t always made of gold!

The Golden Statue is thirteen and a half inches tall. It is made of solid bronze and coated in a layer of 24 karat gold. 24 karat gold is a very high quality gold with very few alloys mixed in. About three thousand Oscar statues have been handed out since the beginning of the awards ceremony, all the way back in 1929.

In 1929, the first Oscar was made of solid bronze with gold plating. But in the 1930s, people decided to make the statues out of brittania metal instead. Brittania metal is an alloy similar to pewter. The statue was plated in copper, followed by nickel silver, and finished with a layer of 24 karat gold.

In WWII, with everything being heavily rationed, metal was in short supply. For three years during this turbulent time, people made the Oscar statues out of plaster rather than metal because metal was too hard to find. After the war, the Academy returned to using gold-plated statues.

In 1983, R.S. Owens and Company took over the building and design of the Oscar statue. In 2016, they announced that they were going to try to make the Oscar closer to its original 1929 design. This design is a bronze statue coated in gold. So in the end the Oscar statues came full circle, in nearly one hundred years of history.

Mr. Harald Seiz, CEO of Karatbars International, believes everyone should be able to acquire financial protection. This is why he founded Karatbars International. As a successful entrepreneur, he believes the best way to secure finances is through the purchasing of gold. Gold doesn’t change the way a fluctuating market does. Gold is protected from inflation. And gold is one of the most valuable resources to have. Even though the Oscar statue isn’t made of solid gold, it’s still an extremely valuable object. The Oscars made of plaster during WWII just weren’t the same, which is why they returned to the gold design following the war. Gold is economically stable!

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