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How Creative Services Can Take Your Trade Show Stands To The Top

In the big sea of exhibits at any given trade show, it’s easy to feel like a little fish lost in the hustle and bustle of it all. You may be overlooking those few elements that can give your trade show stands a competitive edge. The answer may be found by utilizing the creative services team of your chosen trade show booth design firm and marketing company.

Creative services include brand design, logo design, integration, graphic design, strategic marketing, and audio-visual design.

Read on to discover the best of what creative services team can do for you.

Pre-Show Marketing Can Exponentially Increase Traffic To Your Trade Show Stands

If you wait until the trade show to implement a marketing strategy, you have missed your chance to get ahead of the pack. You can gain a competative advantage by making a great first impression through a pre-show marketing campaign. Creative services experts can work with you to identify the best way to accomplish a focused pre-show plan. This could include the use of a traditional mailer; complete with your brand, logo, information about the event and location of your trade show stands.

Maximizing time and resources is important, therefore a well-executed campaign can create social media buzz about your company long before attendees visit your trade show stands.

While many companies chose to invest in a large quantity of trade show freebies and giveaways, it might be best to rethink that approach. A creative services professional can help you zero in on a promotional giveaway that does not appeal the masses, but to your target audience. Your marketing strategy should center around building up a relationship with the potential customers and clients, and not random event goers.

Creative Visual Elements Stand Out

Just what is it that draws attendees into some trade show stands more than others? Several factors are involved, but there is no denying that high-quality video, animation, and photography can have a magnetic impact at a trade show. Elements such as video infographics, product demo videos, and 3D animation can all accomplish the goal of attracting clients and communicating more about your brand.

Your investment in audio-visual creative content can extend beyond your trade show stands. Incorporating these elements into your website and on social media will lead to more brand awareness and start conversations about your company.

Professional photography also falls under the creative services umbrella. Expert photographers can add portraits to your brochures and catalogs. They can also add quality product and brand asset shots to your promotional videos or handouts.

It’s All About Your Brand

You may be an experienced trade show exhibitor or you may be just starting out on a new marketing adventure. No matter how much experience you have, a fresh look at your brand may help your overall ROI. A creative services professional can help a new company develop a strong logo or freshen up an existing company’s trusted, but potentially outdated logo. They can also help them strategically place that logo throughout their promotional materials. A highly trained set of eyes can offer creative solutions to your brand messaging challenges and help clients distinguish your company from the competition.

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