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Bumping Up Your Financial Services Referrals Commission



It’s perhaps no secret at all that brokers who refer clients to financial services providers earn quite a lot of commission and so the financial sector pays good money for referrals. What most people don’t know however is that you no longer really have to operate as a broker to put yourself in line to earn the types of commissions brokers do. A lot of financial services providers deal directly with the general public, mostly their existing clients however, offering them the opportunity to also earn money through referrals.

As you might already be aware of however, most things which are readily available to the masses very quickly become saturated and even if you take your marketing online, your reach can only go so far as there are only a limited number of people you can successfully refer for financial services such as insurance, banking, etc. You’ll have to approach it with a different angle because it is indeed only your reach that is limited, not necessarily the number of people out there still seeking the financial services you can offer them as an affiliate.

Employ the marketing techniques of the financial services providers themselves

That’s right, apart from going the route of getting affiliates to refer clients, since you’re already the affiliate, employing those marketing techniques which are used by the financial services providers themselves is perhaps the way to beat the rush of the crowd and set yourself apart. It’s all about sales conversions at the end of the day and you really don’t have to worry about the product or service. All you need to worry about is getting clients to sign up and the rest is taken care of by the service provider.

One of the most popular mediums through which financial service providers continue to get new clients is by making use of specialised financial marketing services. It’s almost like an exact science and it’s quite awesome to watch these types of programmes in action as the machine churns out leads that often prove to be of really high quality. I suppose it’s a matter of roping in specialists who are singularly focussed on what they do, which is to generate leads and refine their lead-generation algorithms to the point where almost every single lead sent your way turns into a conversion.

Otherwise if you follow the crowd there’ll be nothing special to separate your earnings potential from anybody else’s.

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