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Accounting Software for Small Businesses


There are so many different software programs available these days to help you with your bookkeeping and accountancy requirements – that it can take you forever to find out which one will suit you best.  We thought we’d put some of our top recommendations in a nifty little guide so you can have a look for yourself.  There are also some great central London accountants that can give you advice on the subject too, so if you are working with them – make sure to run it by them.


This is one of the very first accounting software programs created and was created by Intuit.  It works well for freelancers who can set themselves up with a basic package.  This lets them track income.  It can be used by small businesses too who can use it for VAT and payroll.  You can make use of some reporting and monitoring too and the subscription charges are fairly inexpensive.


You have probably heard of Xero before. This is another major name in this field.  This is predominantly used for invoicing, payroll, expense claims and inventory.  You can also import your payment method data such as debit and credit cards, PayPal etc – to make sure you have a running guide of that. It’s slightly more expensive and has an app for both iOS and Android.


This one is designed for freelancers and small businesses. It’s a basic software that is completely jargon-free and simply gets the job done.  It focuses on expenses and invoicing, and you can also integrate 3rd party apps such as Zendesk and PayPal.

Sage One

Sage itself is massive in terms of being an enterprise software provider, but Sage One is specifically designed for small businesses.  Cash flow, invoicing and payroll amongst other things are features that Sage One has to offer.  It is slightly more expensive than Xero – and this is no doubt in part due to it’s big name – and has a reduced fee for the first 3 months.


This is also targeted at freelancers similarly to FreshBooks.  This too focuses on invoicing, expenses and time management. It doe also work for very small businesses.  It has some cool features, for example you can set reminders on your invoices, upload your receipts and is mid-range in terms of pricing. There is an offer on their website that could offer you a 15% discount.

Some Free Software

There are some software providers that are free of charge to use for those of you on a budget such as Wave Accounting and GnuCash.  They have limited features but Wave for instance offers a pay as you go type scenario where you can pay to use their payroll functionality.

Hopefully this list of accountancy software should give you some basic info to help you make an informed choice or to chat through your accountant with.

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