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6 Things Your Café Business Should Invest In


Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas, revamping a previous café site or modernising your current venue, keeping your café fresh and vibrant is an ongoing exercise in management. As you navigate this ongoing project, here are four things to consider investing in to take your hospitality dream from concept to execution.

Professional fit-out

There’s more to a fit-out than fridges, counters, tables and chairs, and this is where the eye of an expert shop-fitter can be invaluable. A good café fit-out not only reflects the style of the venue and food, but allows for easy service, cleaning and optimal use of space.

The space’s fit-out determines your style and the image that you wish to give your paying public, providing a welcoming and comfortable place for diners. A professional fit-out by companies such as Tú Projects will also ensure that this aim is achieved whilst also meeting food hygiene standards and maximising the workflow of your venue.

Tables and chairs

If a full fit-out is beyond your means, there are specific areas that should be individually invested in and this includes tables and chairs. The style of your tables and chairs advertises the quality of your venue and the vibe of your cafe.

Chairs should also be of hospitality standard, which means they are able to handle constant use and a little bit of rough handling. That doesn’t mean they have to be expensive, however, plenty of cafes bank on an eclectic look that utilises recycled furniture to show their style.

Fridges and dessert cabinets

In a café your fridges and dessert cabinets are the windows to your food, so it’s worth investing in new or high quality items that work well. This should limit condensation and leaks while also keeping your electricity and maintenance charges down.

Cabinetry and worktops

From the kitchen right through to the service area, your cabinetry and worktops should be well considered. There are hygiene standards for the type of surfaces allowed in food prep and service areas, so investigate these beforehand and carefully consider your workflow.

Your cabinets and worktops should allow for easy cleaning, be durable and be laid out in a way that is conducive to the swift service of food and drinks.


Any hospitality venue is only as good as its staff in both the front and back of house, so invest well. If you want cutting-edge food, consider employing a cutting-edge chef. And if you want good service, seek out hospitality professionals who will consistently look after the needs of your customers.

Point of sale system

Depending on the size of your venue, a good point of sale system can be invaluable. This allows orders to be electronically entered into your venue’s computer system, printed out in the kitchen and recorded for the takings of the night. In the long run it allows for easy bookkeeping and lets you spot trends or weak spots.

Running a café is about consistent quality and service. With a few investments along the way your hospitality business can not only stand out from the crowd, but also stand the test of time.

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