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3 Ways to Improve Communication within Your Business

3 Ways to Improve Communication within Your Business

Communications are a crucial element to any business, but keeping up with technology advancements can be costly. It is vital that you invest your time and money into implementing the systems and policies that are going to give you the greatest benefit. When done properly, a great communication system in your workplace can improve productivity, increase staff and system efficiency, save time and money, and ultimately be a driver for success. Here are a few suggestions for making it happen:

  1. Outsource Your Communication Needs
    Do away with the cost and risk of employing someone full-time to manage your communications needs by using support staff. An outside company that specialises in communications systems is sure to be well-informed and experienced in what systems will work best for your business set-up. Communications support companies should be able to implement high-speed data systems, teleconferencing and telephone capabilities. In addition they should be able to assess your future needs and help you to plan for these. Companies such as Com2 Communications provide a great service to your business by assessing your individual needs and implementing new systems.
  2. Write Everything Down
    When we give verbal instructions or listen to them, we can quite often forget what has been asked or the specifics of the information passed on. This makes it difficult to chase up a task or hold anyone accountable for its completion. Get yourself and your employees into the habit of passing on tasks by writing them down in an e-mail or a text and keeping a record. It can also be useful to copy in the rest of your staff to important e-mails so that they also know exactly what is going on and who to approach for certain information. Send screenshots in emails if they are helpful or use instant messenger systems to encourage quick and effective communication that will not disrupt work. If done correctly, keeping records should improve communication and efficiency with your business and create a sense of joint responsibility.
  3. Schedule Short Weekly Meetings
    A problem shared is a problem halved! Open-ended weekly meetings can provide a formal setting for staff to gather and talk about the week ahead. With new developments in technology, staff do not often get the chance to speak face-to-face with their colleagues, so meetings can actually help to mediate issues and build relationships. It can also encourage collaboration between staff on important tasks, allow for innovative ideas to come to light and provide everyone with an understanding of what each staff member is currently undertaking.

Communications are essential for making sure everyone working with you understands the overall goals and missions of the organisation and also making sure staff are working as productively as possible. It is also vital to ensure that customers are easily able to reach your business and that you are equally responsive to their needs. A business with a great communications system will undoubtedly flourish and therefore it is an aspect that managers should take seriously.

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