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3 Ways SEO Will Save Your Business Money



2017 is just around the corner and it’s about time your business got its strategy for 2017 together. You’ll no doubt be asking yourself questions such as how to go about lowering costs and what strategies you should be using. As always, SEO is a big part of your success and you should put it at the top of your agenda, but with good reason – it will save your business money.

In this brief guide, I’ll take you through the reasons why SEO is such an effective money saving technique. This will include a few tips and hints, along with the odd guide to help your business get its mind around SEO and direct it towards a high ranking future.

  1. It’s free

Okay, so it’s not 100% free as it will take you time and you might have to hire someone to be an SEO Executive for your business, but it’s as free as it gets in terms of the business world. Whilst PPC will cost you money with every click whilst offering you the chance to be positioned right at the top of Google’s SERPs, SEO does the opposite. You can rank at the top and it’s free, regardless of how many people click on your site.

This SEO beginner’s guide will help you along with getting the early stages setup. If you’re worried about how it might go from there, you can hire a freelancer or an SEO executive to keep your strategy on target.

  1. It’s a free form of lead generation

Lead generation creates customers by being relevant and in the right place at the right time. Where I’m from, for instance, Manchester SEO is based around hotly contested keywords but with the right strategy you can set yourself up as a specialist in your market – rank for the right keywords and you will generate enquiries, leads, and sales simply through the use of on-site copy.

This guide to using SEO as lead generation will help you achieve your goals, but just remember SEO works best by using compelling copy and visual cues. By setting everything up correctly (and you can use heatmaps to determine where your customers are looking on your website), you can structure content to drive your leads.

More importantly, you need to structure your meta tags in a way to ensure you attract relevant customers whilst also ranking in a traffic generating position. It’s not easy, but the hard work will pay off when you have relevant traffic arriving at your site.

  1. It attracts relevant customers

Central to the appeal of SEO is the fact it generates relevant traffic and creates sales opportunities. To do this, you’ll need an excellent understanding of how keywords function and how to generate a master list. This guide from Google AdWords is one such way to get an understanding of how this works. Again, however, you’d be best served speaking to professionals who are experts in the SEO arena, or to hire an SEO Executive who will help you in the long-term.

However, with the right meta tags (title tags and meta descriptions) and excellent on-site copy, you can reach your audience with compelling copy. With potentially hundreds of keywords to choose from, it’s an ideal way to structure blog posts or landing pages to reach customers with the good old fashioned written word, which is quite ironic given the advanced technological times we live in. This, however, is simply the power of SEO. Make sure your business takes full advantage of it.

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