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Mistakes To Avoid Making A PC


With PC gaming hardware being more accessible than ever before, many make their own PC, as opposed to buying a ready made one. Making a PC has many advantages, including being a great deal more affordable. But can anyone put together a PC, or is it better left to the qualified?

As already said, PC gaming has become incredibly accessible. Hardware is designed to be put together easily, making it a manageable task even for those not familiar with PC hardware. There are, however, some fatal mistakes to avoid, that could mean the death of expensive hardware.

Power Off

It seems obvious to most, but is still certainly worth mentioning; computers should be unplugged when being worked on. Parts cannot be inserted, removed, or plugged in with electricity surging through the system. And, in fact, attempting to do so with the power connected could be dangerous for the user, and fatal for the hardware.

Only Use Compatible Parts

Also obvious, but worth mentioning, is that only compatible parts should be used with other compatible parts. Since PC technology has gone through many shifts and evolutions, not all parts will work with one another. And, once again, attempting to force incompatible parts to work together could be fatal for the hardware involved.

If unsure if parts are compatible, simply Google the problem for a quick solution, just like you would when wondering what move to make next when playing the online Blackjack Canada has to offer.

Power Requirements Are Important

Modern PC parts can be very power hungry. And by power, we mean voltage. Some more powerful graphics cards demand a great deal of electricity, and steps must be taken to ensure that these parts get the power they need. Be sure to check how much power a graphics card needs before installing it, and be sure that the power supply can handle the load. Another potentially costly mistake.

Cooling Is King

Modern gaming computers run hot, very hot, and need to be cooled. Cooling a gaming computer is an art all of its own, and many will go through immense effort to keep their machines at perfect temperatures. But, for the average person a few well placed fans should do the trick.

Graphics cards and CPUs come with their own dedicated fans, which is a great start. However a computer should have at least one additional system fan to get the job done right. Installing fans is not a difficult task, and must will simply attach to a spare power supply output cable. To be sure that the computer components are staying cool, download free temperature monitoring software.

Don’t Touch

Computer components are more robust than many assume, but it is still no reason to treat them carelessly. And, in fact, there are certain parts of computer components that must never be touched at all. The pins of a CPU, for example, are very sensitive, and even the grease from a fingertip could cause the device to malfunction.

A simple rule is to not touch computer component areas that are meant to make contact with other components, such as pins or other conductive contacts.

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