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How The Internet Changed The Casino Industry


Placing bets for money has been going on since the beginning of time.  Playing games and betting money on them has changed in many ways over the years, but the biggest change came with the introduction of the internet and playing casino games was now available to more people in all parts of the world, even the remote areas.  Casino games were now available to anyone who had a device and an internet connection.

The internet has made it possible for casino players to enjoy the online gambling Canada and the rest of the world has to offer from the comfort of their homes which means they save money as they no longer have to travel to enjoy playing casino games.  Players can also enjoy live casino games which gives them the atmosphere of a land-based casino, but the convenience of not having to leave their home.  Online casinos also offer a wider selection of games with the option of very generous bonuses and casino rewards.

Where it all Began

The beginnings of this great industry began in Antigua and Barbuda with the Free Trade and Processing Act which was passed in 1994.  This allowed them to give licenses to countries who wanted to host online casinos.  The very first online casino is thought to have started on 1995 and they offered 18 casino games.  There are others that say there were casinos before this with the founding of the casino giant Microgaming.  What people do agree on is that online casinos became big in 1997 and at the end of that year there over 200 online casino sites.  The internet had already changed casinos in a big way.

Sports betting is another big part of the casino industry and the first sports betting company to go online in 1996 was InterTops.  After this many more sports betting sites followed and went online.  There were many legal challenges in the US as well as other countries when it came to sports betting, but has nonetheless been very successful up till today.

Popular Poker

Playing Poker online became a hugely popular game when Chris Moneymaker won the World Series in 2003.  He qualified for the Series playing online and because of this millions of players hit the online casino sites wanting to play Poker.  Popular Poker sites like Party Poker, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker were popular sites until the US government made online Poker illegal in 2011, known as Black Friday.  This ban prevented companies from allowing US players to play at their sites.

Mobile Casinos

Many industries have benefited from the internet because of the development of mobile technology.  Most companies today will do business online and the casino industry is no different.  Mobile casinos have increased tremendously and continues to increase as devices are improved.  At one point the bets that were placed using mobile devices reached $100 billion and more than 164 million people were using their mobile device to play at a casino, place a bet or buy a lottery ticket.  The growth of this industry has shown how the betting industry has grown.

The internet has done great things for many industries and the casino industry has also benefited greatly from this life changing development.

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